La Bella Tour

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Once the circus was at full bloom and the audiences cheered the skilful acrobats and the courageous lion tamers night after night. The clowns were the heart of the show and made laugh the young as well as the old.
Now all that remains is the circus that runs in their blood. Juggling between acrobats, magicians and garçon de piste, they give their best effort to keep up the tradition of their families. Sometimes with success, sometimes with catastrophic results. Either way, they will not give up before they get what they crave for: laughter!

La Bella Tour is a parody of how to clowns in the style of the good old days try to survive in the modern world doing the only thing they know how. It is a story of two friends who sometimes let their personal matters interfere with the show forgetting that the audience bears witness to every second of their lives.
La Bella Tour is a show based on one of the basic human reactions: laughter. Its a show that plays on the note that the ridiculous, for a short while, becomes ordinary and nobody in the public can remain indifferent for long while these clowns give their best try in handstand, object manipulation and teeterboard.



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