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We develop new way on vertical dance so called NouveauCirque vertical. Working in two direction: oniric-video installation vertical dancers and also street theater involving vertical dance.

Video Aerial Installation:
"Suspension N°!"
a poetic dream through the succession of ?Pictures? made up of video projections the acrobats interact with.
duration 30 min.

live music and live video in dialog with the acrobatic "design" of acrobats using elastic-rope.
duration 15 min.

a clown incursion on vertical dance using the figure of pinocchio & evil with mask. The odien will be involved from the begin
duration 30 min.

Commedia Volante
(Les amants du ciel)
tragicomicromantic duo in the air: an old circus with his clever-talker and dancer will try to make vertical-dance show following the italian old streetart tradition.
duration 30 min.

“Sospensione N°1”



“Les amants du ciel”
(commedia volante)

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