Peter Tells Lies

Category: Artist

The Company: Peter Tells Lies is a theatre/dance production company. We work through the mediums of dance, physical theatre, multimedia, text and film.

The Pefromance: In July 2009 Katie Monks and Carly Etherington were commissioned by Cirque Bijou to develop a piece called Railway as part of their Step Up initiative. Railway is a highly physical and inventive dance theatre piece focusing on the lives of two characters that find themselves waiting at a railway station with nowhere to go. We explore our characters through the absurdities of their own behaviour and push the limits of their friendship through props, dynamic movement and poetic text. We create an area that the audience can stand in and become part of the performance, and would like to develop our sound ideas to create a soundscape to make our piece more immersive and interactive. We try to use our props in interesting and unusual ways, creating strong and lasting visual images which are honest to our story.

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