Seven Dials Rapscallions

Category: Artist

The Seven Dials Rapscallions portray the disreputable side of Victorian Life – street fighters, coster girls, thieves and quacks. Further up the social scale – gamblers, duellists and drunken servants all come to life.
We thoroughly research all our characters and make sure that our audience enjoy our performance.
I have worked with many re enactors over the years, and have seen some excellent groups – but The Rapscallions are my favourite by far. They add a real sense of Victorian times to our events, are comedic, inventive, superb character actors and really easy to work with. They do what they are asked and just get on with no real demands on our time once they are on site, which as every event manager knows, is a real bonus. – Events Manager Gloucester City – Mhairi Smith

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