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The Giddy Aunts
Whether it’s their bunions, the youth of today or a general grumble about society’s downfalls, these two moaning minnies just can’t resist a good gripe, and they don’t care who hears them!

Oh yes, Mabel loves nothing more than putting the world to rights over a nice cuppa and a chat, but watch out for Ethel’s knitting or you could find yourself in a bit of a muddle!

Wildly outrageous now that they’ve reached that certain age, these balmy old biddies reek havoc wherever they go. With skirts tucked in their bloomers and wrinkled stockings round their ankles, these two grumbling grannies know no shame and will speak their minds to anyone about anything!

Clarence the Camel – Introducing Clarence, the camel with attitude!

Partly due to his theatrical upbringing – he’s had years of treading the boards the length and breadth of the country – this mangy, moth-eaten old Pantomime Camel can be prone to throwing a diva-strop. Better not to get on the wrong side of him or boy, does he get the hump! So, watch out! He has some DISGUSTING habits…….

Only his long-suffering guide can keep him in tow, but be warned – he fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man and can get carried away showing off his nifty disco dancing in his efforts to impress! Move over John Travolta!

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