Vivienne, Marion and Marjorie

Category: Artist

Lollie performs a one-woman show in a variety of outrageous and exaggerated characters such as: ballroom dancer ‘Vivienne Peterson? – she teaches dance but is rubbish; veteran cookery demonstrator Marion Copperwheat, who is still stuck in the 70s and doing vol-au-vants. She has a very low BBC voice and is a cross between Mrs Merton and Fanny Craddock; and dog trainer Marjorie Buckingham whose passion for her pooches is commendable, but they never quite ‘cut the mustard’. She’s always very stressed.

All the characters have very sad lives and have never come to terms with their loss of status and fame.

Each interactive show lasts about 10-20 min but can be adjusted to suit the space and crowd numbers.

The work is done either in a small space or can be performed outdoors walking amongst a crowd.

Lollie has just finished performing for the Newlyn Art Gallery for their annual education showcase, ARTiculate.

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