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This is a scenic experimentation group with sky as scenery, in which the main characteristics are aerial choreographic sequences with security devices that allows the development of sophisticated compositions.
These are aerial images with original, strong and sensual live music that makes the audience feel the most beautiful emotions.
It doesnt have limited audience capacity in open spaces.

VOALA creators: Gaston Iungman/Roberto Strada

The directors have a vast experience in conducting multimedia shows and producing big events, working together since 1999.
In 2008 they decided to form Voalá Company. Under this name, created two shows that thrill and amaze all audiences: “Voalá Station” and “Muare”

Voala have been performing in Polonia, Servia, Rumania, Suecia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, México, Canadá, Portugal, España, Francia, Reino Unido, Eslovenia, Bélgica, Holanda, Israel, Korea y Austria.

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