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This chaotic and frenzied Hip Hop dance theatre work explores how divided we are as a nation. Due to the recent surge…

Far From The Norm

Far From The Norm are an Olivier award winning Hip Hop dance company, committed to the pursuit of making honest, relevant and needed work for our generation.

Last Orders

With vats of physicality, barrels of humour and a pounding soundtrack, join us down the local as we explore a future where our differences stop dividing us.


Performed in a bed of soil Rodadoras explores the themes of death and re-birth, cycles of life and a state of emergency…


Immersive choreography for parks & woodlands, weaving choreography, Land Art and ecology to experience natural & interconnected paths of branching f

Woven Land

A participatory audio guided choreography for parks and woodlands. A poetic journey of ecological and social interconnectivity.

Vanessa Grasse

Dance & multidisciplinary artist specialised in the crossover between choreography, walking-art and installation, offering embodied engagement in public spa


AVAILABLE FOR TOURING MAY-OCTOBER 2022 Joss Arnott Dance present PULSE!, a brand-new dance and live music experience created for the streets. Performed…

Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain

On a planet from another time and space there lived a fictional humanity that failed to respond to their environmental crisis. Four…

Studio Stefan Jovanović

Studio Stefan Jovanović is a multi-disciplinary performing arts and architecture company led by architect and choreographer Stefan Jovanović. Their productions create neo-mythical…

Alleyne Dance

Alleyne Dance is a UK based company with an international reach. Founded in 2014 by sisters Kristina and Sadé Alleyne, the choreographic…


BONDED, explores the construct of human dependency – especially that of siblings – and how time and external conditions can affect the…


Gripping and raw, Amaranthine is a highly physical and fast paced male and female duet, which tells the story of two people…


A male and female duet, Void explores the space created by the pandemic, and what has moved into that space – both good and bad.


Oqda- a new outdoor show by EEDT featuring hand balance, traditional Moroccan acrobatics and urban dance in a touching exploration of cultural differences.

The Cilia Dance

The Cilia Dance is a socially distanced, participatory performance, co-creating a movement dialogue about moving around towns/cities. The show will be developed…

The Bicycle Ballet Co

The Bicycle Ballet Co is a unique arts company, led by Artistic Director Karen Poley. We work across art forms; sport, health…

A Graceful Act of Stupidity

Join our two flight attendants as they take you on a journey that slips seamlessly between the everyday and the poetic. Brace…