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Puppets with Guts

“The Lips were just so fabulous…!’’
Roxy Robinson- Festival of Sky Director

Just More Productions

Just More Productions is a new community engagement company using food history and performance to educate and entertain. Just More is a…


The company’s distinctive style pushes movement to its limits, integrating elements of circus and acrobatics with contact choreography and breath-taking dance. Motionhouse…

The Flying Buttresses

An enchanting interactive puppetry walkabout featuring an elderly couple of miniature proportions, with huge personalities and a not-so-firm grip on modern life

Johannes Bellinkx

Johannes Bellinkx’ visual language cannot be captured in a narrative or discourse and is characterised by its low-threshold and open character.

Tetes de Mules

The company creates shows and spontaneous events, with the purpose of bringing some lively disorder in the centre of towns and villages.

Studio Eclipse

Company Studio Eclipse creates performances for specific locations, where external elements evoke purity and inspire movement. The combination and collaboration with other…

La Trócola Circ

Circus company which base their creations in the decontextualization of the object, live music, and a high technical level of juggling and acrobatics.

La Puntual

La Puntual is directed by Eugenio and Nestor Navarro, with the aim that everyone who comes to see a puppet show will…

Jamaal Burkmar

My first creation was as a second year student at the Northern School for Contemporary Dance (NSCD), I created a piece entitled…

Joseph Toonga

Joseph Toonga is originally from Cameroon and was raised in East London. He is a choreographer existing in different territories leading the…

Gobbledegook Theatre

Gobbledegook make innovative, cross-artform work for unusual places. With theatre at its core, our live performance, music, and installation work is frequently…

El Fedito

OYUN is a circus show for all audiences in which the artists combines: juggling, object balance, object decontextualize and humor

Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International

NWSI perform large and small scale visual and participatory Street Theatre without words worldwide. Currently the company offers four medium and large…

DAMAEDANCE | Alice Bonazzi and Sara Marques

DamaeDance is a platform created in 2018 by Manchester-based dance artists Alice Bonazzi and Sara Marques to collaborate, produce and share their…


The Bivouac Cie is based in Bordeaux since 2011, where it completed the creation of “Erica’s dream” and then “A corps perdus”…

Lukasz Puczko Marionettes

Lukasz Puczko was born and lives in Poland. He has been performing with his puppets (mainly marionettes) for the last nine years.In…


We are Double V. We come from Taiwan and we formed by two Taiwanese and two Malaysian. Diabolo is the root of…