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A company based in london producing a mix of hiphop/breakdance/contortion/circus arts theatre

Générik Vapeur

A musical street theatre company created in 1984 by Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot, Générik Vapeur uses public space as a source of inspiration and a support for play.

Marco Neri & Luca Regina

A magic comedy show into a vintage van for ten people at time.


Bombastic specialises is dance theatre and new media productions for young people. We are based in Cardiff with an office in London. We create high tec productions combining animation and dance theatre which we tour to theatres. We are now developing a NEW strand of work: family friendly highly visual dance theatre productions for street festivals and summer festivals.

Actfunny – William Wilding

Comedy Acts and Caricaturist…

Small scale Comedy Shows and Street Arts

Gromic – Visual Comedy


-Touching Hearts, Spreading Smiles! –

Artemis Productions

Artemis are a Liverpool based company specialising in interactive Stilt walkabout characters.


Company based in Italy developping new way on vertical dance so called NouveauCirque vertical. Working in two direction: oniric-video installation vertical dancers and also street theater involving vertical dance.
Without forgetting poetry, circus, dreams….

KUD Ljud (Artistic collective Ljud)

A company based in Ljubljana, SLOVENIA, producing non-verbal interactive street theater.

Small World Theatre

Based in our purpose built centre in Cardigan, West Wales our company produces a wide variety of work including. Company produced spectacular…


Muneka and Tragaleguas join to create Emigrants in 2009. Both come from the theatrical studies and their starting point is the action. Tragaleguas reinforces it with physical expression and word, which has lead them to develop their own interpretation work; Muneka reinforces it with physical expression and plastic arts, which has lead them to create their own workshop. After more than ten years walking their own ways in several different cities of Spain and other places abroad, they join to create street theatre, one of their favourite places to play.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company

Fidget Feet is Ireland’s foremost Aerial Dance Theatre Company creating spectacular indoor and outdoor work.

Gisele Edwards

Physical spaces on, around and below the rope.

Sammy Dineen

Acrobatics and handstands.

Strange Bird Zirkus & All Or Nothing

Contemporary Circus Theatre.

Upfront Arts

A complete marionette circus in miniature, with a tightrope walker, trapeze artist, acrobats, clowns and wild animal acts.

Swervy World

Swing, r&b, close harmony, roots rock & roll, film and TV themes… An eclectic Street band with multiple themes and costumes for each occasion.

The Ramos Acrobats

International acrobatics act, suitable for indoor and outdoor