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Theatre Du Vertige

Street Theatre company


LEAP into the unexpected with this playful acrobatic show, as these two performers revel in performing the biggest tricks they can! In…


What happens when a glamorous French actress and her hapless assistant stage their version of Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator? Gloria Delaneuf is well-versed…

spitz & co.

We are a French/English female comedy duo based in the South West of England, currently touring “Gloriator” – a two woman version of Hollywood blockbuster “Gladiator”, and the follow-up show “Glorilla” (loosely based on “Gorillas in The Mist”).


Dik and Adam are clowns. They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, let alone a surreal cardboard world. Why…


Through joining the circus and karate, you can see a deconstruction of two lives using balance, unbalance and rebalance that brings the…

Amer i Àfrica / circ cia

Amer and Àfrica are two circus artists specialized in hand to hand. They met in a series of Vertical workshops at Central…

Garden Party

France is collapsing, losing its dignity. Its values and virtues have lost their meaning; selfishness and despair has conquered the soul of…

Compagnie n°8

A street theatre company founded 2008


In a joyful and chaotic finale to the festival, Hydromania immerses you in Avanti’s favourite medium… water.

The Fountain Machine

A comic performance of squirting water and clanking machinery all presented by an affable engineer and his apprentice.


This town has been experiencing strange happenings; water spurting from TVs, music coming from the taps. A company is brought in to…


Agent from the Netherlands, working with dutch & flemish artists with different disciplines like juggling, partner acrobatics, performance art etc.

FoolSize Theatre

Inspired by the Fool’s journey to unfix the world and everything in it, stepping into the unknown without any fear.

HOME Ensemble

Currently in last stage of development HOME Ensemble is an interdisciplinary performance show crossing dance, aerial performance, film and sound; it explores…


The playground is a constant presence in our lives: from discovering it as a toddler through to mastering the monkey bars, from…

Playing With Space / Lawrence Bradby & Matthew Robinson

Playing With Space presents artist interventions and pedal-powered cinema with an environmental message.

Mr Silky Skills

Positive role model, Professional football freestyler, World class entertainer with 28 years youth engagement experience and a specialist in workshop delivery