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Orchestre Ruffanti

With influences such as Sergio Mendes, Pink Martini , Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Nouvelle Vague, the fabulous 12–piece World Music Cabaret Ensemble Orchestre Ruffanti are an ever-so-slightly kitsch treasure-trove of retro glamour and charity shop audio-exotica.


Oldham Theatre Workshop is a creative, inclusive and quality drama resource contributing to the personal and social development of young people and the community in Oldham.

Boom Booms

All female street theatre trio, from Liverpool. Making, fun, playful interactive acts.

Urban Angels

Urban Angels is an innovative cross art form specialising in creative aerial theatre productions that pioneers original work by both astoundingly talented professional artists and aspiring community performers.

Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff This is the simple story of three hungry goats and a grumpy old troll, told with a…


More than 150 years after its première, THE INCREDIBLE BOX is still on stage. Back then, it was a success. Nowadays, the…


La Tal is a Street Theatre Company founded in 1986.
We create funny stories without words and visually powerful.

Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival

Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival of Santa Maria da Feira is Portugal’s largest Street Arts event and an international reference. It…

Spannerman with Corali DAnce Company

Appearing with Corali Dance Company in the show Empty Theatre Dream, then playing live set for after party at Dilston Grove Gallery…


Mobile musical instruments made from recycled and found objects. Includes a xylophone made from spanners, singing bowls, gongs, thumb pianos and multifarious wonders.

On wheels, with battery powered amplification and illuminations. Perfect for outdoor venues; street festivals, woodlands, or playgrounds.

IamSoBarcelona | Agente129 for Pepa Plana And Toti Toronell

French nationality, residenting in Barcelona for 11 years, working in the field of performing arts. Has a background in international distribution, organizing tours, the stage manager, production and P.R (public relations) for short film festivals, theater, music and dance and big events. She speaks French, English, Spanish and understands Portuguese

Pepa Plana AND Toti Toronell

‘Despistats’ are two parallel lives that never coincide, yet are so alike that their shadows merge with one another. He is often reflected in a nickel spoon, and she likes to paint her lips a deep red. They are just any old two people, anywhere in the world, who carry on with their routines. They only meet when they need something from each other. That’s when something changes in their lives: the loss of what they most loved. Toti Toronell & Pepa Plana, recently awarded Catalonia’s Prize for Culture [Premi Nacional de la Cultura de Cataluña], are two clowns with very different ways of working, yet they share a very similar understanding of the poetry of their art.


ART is not only to entertain.
Art is to provoke, to move, to make people reACT.
Art can act.

Blauwe Uur

Blauwe Uur is a collective that creates visual, theatrical installations and performances.

The Libyan National Theatre

Education: Diploma of drama at Jamal eddin Al Melady Institute
Higher Diploma in the field of film making from the International Institute for cinema: London Film School.


Song theatre indoor performance co-directed by Helen Chadwick and Steven Hoggett, creative associate Miriam Nabarro based on interviews with war correspondents. Toured…

Enginys Eko-Poetiks

“Enginys Eko.poètiks” is an interactive installation for all ages, where each contraption is unique and independent but at the same time all…

L Animalada

“L’Animalada” (debut in 2005) is a collection of original, free-standing large format games, each one an animal that does something, and all…