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Guixot de 8

Street performance with games made with reused materials

La Bella Tour

30 years ago they were the kings of the ring. The principal clowns in one of the best circus’s of the time. They were the main number of the show. Now they are the show.
30 years later all that remains are these two clowns. They play all the parts, acrobats, assistants, equilibrists, ushers… Two old friends who (once again) do what they know how to do best. Entertain and surprise the audience.”

ACTUA Produccions

Our Street Theater Company ACTUA Produccions was established in 2003 in Barcelona (Catalonia). Our shows and walk acts are addressed to all kind of public and events.

The Librarians

‘The Librarians’ is a new site-specific show for libraries and their communities. The show combines dance, comedy, physical theatre and poetry in…

The Weirdy Beardies

The Weirdy Beardies are a playful and unusual act, combining dance, comedy and public interaction into one endlessly energetic and hairy walkabout….

The Nerdy Birdies – Bird Cabaret

Our group of fanatical, dancing birdwatchers draw family audiences into an alternative world of birds with their wondrously silly yet insanely illuminating…


Pestiferous creates work which is funny, interactive, playful and gently subversive. They bring dance, comedy and physical theatre to everyday spaces for truly uplifting, curious and joyful experiences.

Black Country Touring

Black Country Touring brings some of the best professional touring theatre and dance from the UK and beyond to the local communities of the Black Country. We also produce high quality site-specific theatre shows, borne our of stories from the Black Country.

ISAN Spring General Meeting 2014

ISAN Spring General Meeting 2014 Thursday 27 February 2014 The Friends Meeting House Ship Street Brighton BN1 1AF 11.30am (registration) 12noon to…

Frisky Business

We are launching our new improved customer listening programme to show we care about YOU. We care about your money. We care…

Fairy Christmas

Christmas is coming and so are our Fairies. Great for parties, events & festivals, these ladies know A LOT about Christmas: Christmas…

The Sky Muffins

The Sky Muffins take you to a place where exclusivity is made ever more personal. They will liberate your senses, inducing a…


It’s model time baby! This band of models are slaves to fashion, unable to pass up an opportunity to strike a groovy…


Let our aliens invade your event! This adorable family of Oozebogs from the planet Shmurrr are on a tourist vacation to Earth….

Amorous Congress

Verbal strolling Batty, Nutty and Away with the Fairies…These ladies are out and about and looking for love… well someone to be…


ZIRKUS, haughty, grotesque and loving the attention… These two circus directors have been friends since their youth, and as a result they…

Unconventional Ribbon Cutting

Opening an event? Launching a new idea, put down those scissors, move away from the ribbon. In any colour, with bespoke choreography…


Up to 5 Vortices whirl and twirl like waltzers at a fairground creating a mesmerising installation across the landscape. As the momentum…