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Macnas is an internationally acclaimed performance and spectacle company based in an old pram factory in Galway city, Ireland.

Franklin James Entertainment Agency

Our aim is to provide you with the best of live entertainment.

The Penguins Abroad

Inspired by the late Jim Henson, who always had a group of holidaying penguins in the back ground of any exotically set…

Histoires a Dormir Debout

20 pillows on music sheet stands and other scenographic items distill throughout the day stories which ring, sounds which tell. Narratives seize…


DROM is a company working 25 years in culture around the world. Based in Barcelona, focused in global culture projects in street arts theater, dance, circus and music.


With Bouazizi, Insectotròpics experiment with their unique artistic language – a fusion of theatre, music and the visual arts. An on-going dialogue…

La Caputxeta Galactica

‘La Caputxeta Galàctica’ is a multimedia stage show based on the well-known tale of Little Red Riding Hood, offering a unique view…


Presenting and producing the best new music and sound events


Contemporary dance creators… sharing experiences of human nature, triggering questions of what we are and the world we live in.

Eric MacLennan

Scottish theatre maker – makes bold, cutting-edge work with a clear focus on its audience, challenging, provocative but always entertaining.

Draw & Code

Hi, we are Draw & Code, a team of talented artists, illustrators, animators and programmers based in Liverpool. Our multi-discipline creative studio has worked on everything from multi-media theatre to augmented reality apps. We are specialists in both projected video and animation for live performance.


The Borrowers are on the loose! Follow them as they walk, run, jumps over and perform acrobatics on their giant bobbin. A…


Insectotròpics is an artistic collective experimenting by fusing and interacting between video, painting, music and theatre to create multidisciplinary performances.

Titan the Robot

8ft of Steaming Robotic Loveliness!


Their repertoire, is fed by musical culture of the Eastern countries, with a very current western anchoring. It oscillates between song, sometimes…


Their directory, is fed by musical culture of Eastern European countries, with a very current western anchoring.
It oscillates between songs, and pieces more rock ‘n’ roll (even punk) and joyful.


Poetic Works for the creation and the maintenance of the communications with the imagination.

Les Fabulations de l Echo (Echos Fantasy)

A musical journey in a natural setting. Where MUSICABRASS ventures into meadows, woods, forests and riverbeds. This daydreaming carries us along a…