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Xicana is a clown woman who wants to do magic, but is always failing. She sells the magic when there is not…


Clown and Magic with unique personality


Between 250kg of straw and 125kg of human mass, two people play around through the movement, balance, humour and composition of space,…

Amer & Àfrica Circ. Cia

We are Amer and Africa and we play with balance, imbalance and rebalancing through the circus.


An interval of waiting and hope, the time passes as a moving scene. The bridge, the railway, the road, as a journey…

El Niu

Performing at Fuse Medway Festival : 14th June 2015! Don’t miss it! Chalk, clown and live music. Family friend, easy to travel,…

Dudu & Cia.

A clown with a child’s soul that captivates for his ingenuity and insight.


Two men hanging in the air and ready to jump into the swimming pool under the seriousness and responsibility required by the…


Circumloqui has set up its stage at the top of a motorized tricycle and prepares to act on all the town. A…


Shoot your own chips with the potato canon of the ChipsCowboys.

La Maleta dels Espectacles

La Maleta manages Circus and Puppet companies from Catalonia.

On the Night Journey

‘On the Night Journey’ tells the story of the 15ft high Boy Explorer as he parades his hopes and dreams, his past…


Led by a magnanimous and magnificent Alchemist, a mysterious and magical troupe play, inquire, discover and recover the elixir of life. Images…

Boy Explorer

The wondrous Boy Explorer is our 15-foot high, 8-year old Boy who travels the world in search of adventure and great ideas….


A night-time fabulously frisky pop up cabaret is the perfect start to a night of music, dancing and revelry. Get in the…


Macnas is an internationally acclaimed performance and spectacle company based in an old pram factory in Galway city, Ireland.

Franklin James Entertainment Agency

Our aim is to provide you with the best of live entertainment.

The Penguins Abroad

Inspired by the late Jim Henson, who always had a group of holidaying penguins in the back ground of any exotically set…