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Living statues, physical theatre, roaming characters, interactive installations; the Kinetic Theatre Company performs a diverse range of theatre stretching from the beautifully surreal to the absurdly comic.

Hailing from the streets of Fremantle, Australia, the company consists of a versatile troupe of performers, whose training includes mime, stage acting, physical theatre, clowning, and costume design. Their eclectic skills have combined to produce a variety of original shows, as well as creating several commissioned performances.

Kinetic Theatre has performed extensively both at home and abroad, having been invited to festivals and events in Europe, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand.

The company’s shows include –


From a realm far away, come curious mythical creatures, their kind unseen before

Two gigantic hairy snails, harnessed by a pair of impish riders, slime their way along the streets, malls, and parklands of our cities and towns. Having fallen through a void into this world whilst traveling on an unknown shortcut, they’ve arrived, bewildered but fascinated. Endowed with the capacity to blow smoke, play music, articulate wildly and leave a watery snail trail, the snails lumber on by to the amazement of onlookers and passers-by alike, with whom their overtly curious riders delight in playing with. Maybe one day, finding someone to point them in the direction home.
(Roving act, Two performers, – can also be performed as solo piece)

??like watching music?

Angels, two metre high wings, silver, bubbles, glitter, stillness, and clowning, are woven together to create the magic of ?Angelic?. Based on elements of living statue work and mime, it can take the form of a static act, a roaming performance or a busking show.

?Angelic? can be performed with one angel as a solo piece, or with a cast of up to four. With an original music score and slow surreal movement, this silent being from another dimension plays with the human beings that surround, enticing the audience into becoming part of a unique world.


A tasty slice of black comedy, where entertainment comes with silver service. Chef’s prize dish is on the menu, but it’s a little undercooked….
Remove the lid, and the prize dish is still alive. The delectable head on a platter is hungry, but it is attended by a waiter reluctant to feed it. And so the head turns to enlist the help of the audience…

Sharply funny, surreal and interactive, this highly entertaining piece of roving theatre will keep audiences surprised and intrigued as the dinner trolley makes its rounds. Think Adams family meets the Royal family; think a la carte meets smorgasbord;
think again …..
(Roving Act, Two performers)


Welcome to the zoo experience like no other – a menagerie of strange, wondrous creations. They behave in unexpected and quirky ways, but these odd beings are always pleased to see you.

Set up in the style of a petting zoo, ?Beasties? is an interactive installation of electronically controlled automata, combining sound, movement, and other surprises, and overseen by a pair of unusual keepers. Humorous and odd, ?Beasties? is designed to inspire fun and ignite the imagination of all who take part.
(interactive installation, with two performers)

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