Max Gabarre-Grindrod

Category: Artist

Actor, Physical Performer ¦

Max is a new addition to the Tit for Tat team. Specialising in physical theatre, acting and writing. After graduating L’cole Jaques Lecoq in Paris, Max went on to work internationally – working across the UK, France and China.

In addition to his theatrical training, Max has studied with acclaimed comedic performers, such as Peta Lily and Jos Houben. These rich influences have gone on to influence his own creative practice, with dark comedic clown projects such as “Nasty, Brutish & Short”.

As far as the Tit for Tat office is concerned, he narrates even their most mundane activities with the voice of a God – and also looks great with a stick of dynamite. And looking good with dynamite is one of our key criteria.

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