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Above all, they are here to tell stories. They always loved others to tell stories to them and, in a precise moment, they decided to start telling theirs, in their way. But yes, always seeking; inside the language, the images, the twists, the form, the format, the container and the contents… Always taking the maximum care in each word, each detail, each millimeter of the long road to walk by. And always with a clear and obvious goal. A prior simple target: the audience. The final receptor of their work must enjoy and reflect on their inventions as much as it is possible for them, as much as they enjoyed and were amazed before with the stories that, masterfully, others in turn told them.

ymedioteatro is a scenic arts company formed by Santos Sánchez, Álex Ramos and Meri Fernández. A solid professional team has evolved to develop an artistic project based on shows which move across the text theatre, objects, clown, etc. Since 2006 they have produced five shows that have taken them to the most relevant theatre networks, programs, fairs and festivals in Spain (such as FiraTàrrega, FETEN, Fira de Titelles de Lleida, etc.). In 2012 they jump into the international market with their show SIE7E, an innovative proposal of object puppets which is presented inside a miniature theatre with room for 15 people per session. The great success of this spectacle has turned them into one of the usual companies in the most prominent festivals about street arts, object theatre, visual theatre, puppetry and new scenic trends. They have peformed all around Europe: Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia or UK.

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