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The Pigeon Fanciers

The Pigeon Fanciers Lifelong Pigeon rivals Eric and Harold are going to a “meet” with their finest feathered athletes. On route, they…

Greenbanks Productions

Greenbanks Productions is a creative cooperative production group that makes street theatre.


In Pugilatus, Jordi Aspa plays with Piero Steiner (Los Los) “Robi and Luca are dead. Laurel and Hardy are here in body….


EEA has a range of giant walk-about characters that will thrill and astonish your festival-goers. Binbot – Mr Recycle More At four…


Wishful is a beautiful, floating spectacle suitable for large outdoor sites with water and land. Incorporating illuminated gardens, wishing shrines, gliding swans,…

Emergency Exit Arts

Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) creates unforgettable events and participatory experiences using visual
performance, processions, puppetry, music and pyrotechnics.


Ludmillla and Alfonso are two crazy characters from funfair world who fill the show with tenderness and risk, using circus abilities: the…


Devoris Causa is served in the privacy of a circular space and involves the use of vegetables to explain a cruel yet…


Circus poetry

Regent Music Agency

International Contemporary Music Agency

What Happens in the Winter

In collaboration with Arc Stockton, and in association with The Albany, Deptford Using the lives of physical performers as inspiration, Upswing asks…

Red Shoes

Commissioned by Without Walls and Watch this Space: Red Shoes draws from the rich imagery provided by fairytales both grim and glorious….

City of London Festival

The City of London Festival was founded in 1962 as an independent trust supported equally by the business community, the City of…

City of London Festival

Animating the City with world-class arts


A tightwire artist, two dancers, a trampoline duo and a dancing clown meet on an architectural set that depicts a derelict building’s…

Long Division

Long Division is a hauntingly atmospheric sound installation. As the clock chimes on the hour, there follows a sequence of sixty hushed,…


The catalyst for Vortex is the unique and surprisingly beautiful sound produced by a vortex cannon, created by physicist, inventor and BBC…

Speaking Tubes

An installation inspired by the extraordinary sound of vortex rings travelling through the atmosphere at supersonic speed. A gleaming steel sculpture made…