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La Belle Image

We are a unique fanfare band performing choreographed acoustic music, originating from South America. Our aim is to introduce people to these addictive entrancing rhythms. Live music and dance…

Banjo Circus

Comedy Cowboy Lasso Banjo Show.
FrankTastico, one man in love with two things: banjo and circus.

He will capture you imagination with his amazing lasso tricks.
Scintillate your ears with his virtuosic banjo playing
and impress you with his circus abilities.
20 years of music, comedy and circus culminate in this banjo-circus solo show.

Granny Turismo

A UK based company producing walkabout street entertainment based on Segways.

Lost In Translation Circus

Lost In Translation Circus takes its inspiration from its name, combining circus with theatre,
movement and live music.


SDNA is a creative studio based in London producing distinctive digital artwork.

Our objective is to explore techniques of interaction within public spaces, using emerging technologies and unusual presentation media. Our interdisciplinary approach, integrating site-responsive installation and live performance, aims to widen the scope of digital art.

The Honk Project

The Honk Project is a theatre company based in Whitstable, specialising in musical clowning shows, both indoor and outdoor, for children and families.

Toy Box Theatre

We are a company based in bristol who has created a small scale strolling visual street theatre act on a giant tandem tricycle.

Lost Boys Productions

A company based in Derby producing street theatre walkabouts that lead to full scale theatre and film productions.

11:18 Theatre Company

11:18 is a theatre and performance company formed in London in 2011. We currently specialise in a unique style of audio and installation based performance for real train journeys, encouraging people to pay attention to what they see out the window with fresh eyes. Company members come from diverse artistic and ethnic backgrounds, including Thailand, Chile and Iceland, as well as the UK

A Fettle of Kitsch

With playful interaction and cheeky humour, we aim to deliver quality street theatre with skill, passion and joie de vivre.

Au Fil du Vent

Au Fil du Vent Company has been in existence for ten years. It kept growing and produced about a hundred performances per…


Antonella D’Ascenzi is theatre-dance performer. The contamination between Latin American and European style, which marked her formation, has led to street work that seeks to transform the urban space, to break its daily use and create a language that is not “”a show””, but that would establish a living dialogue with the urban space.

Jilted Pig

Jilted Pig are an emerging physical theatre company based in Bristol. Their work combines a love of comedy and improvisation with engaging fast paced storytelling. They make walkabout and installation work for the outdoors, as well as work for indoor venues.

Ziya Azazi

Ziya Azazi performs contemporary interpretations of Sufi dance. His work reflects his personal analysis and conceptual art. The simultaneous realization of these states of the physical consciousness and mediation are the main focus of his work.

La Malette


Companhia Erva Daninha

We are in an industrial environment haunted by the strong noise of machines, the air wrapped in a dull haze of dust….

Teatro Metamorfoso

Right before your eyes the incredibly beautiful Ludmilla transforms in an alarmingly frightful gorilla. The best ancient fairground amusement you can get!

Talking birds

In 19 years of operation, Talking Birds has produced over 100 projects in venues. Talking Birds have been heralded as pioneers of site-specific theatre by the Guardian and the companys work has been likened to & taking part in a David Lynch movie by the Independent on Sunday.