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Madam Bridgets Caravan of Curiosity

After years of travelling the road enthralling audiences from all walks of life, Madam Bridget has gone back to her roots. Once…

Fools Company

Ian Douglas is a Storyteller and Theatre Maker living and working in West Cumbria.

The Q

The Q is a celebration of the Art of Queuing. Four orange-clad Queue Enhancement Specialists – working for the mysterious Q Corporation…

Brakes & Beats

A stunt bike dance to beat-box beats, pedal-powered by the audience. There is a taster session for bikers and beat-boxers on 20…

Creative Transition

A stunt bike dance to beat-box beats…


Circomedia 3rd year students present Doo-Lolly. These experts of guidance will ensure the safe passage of each and every person they encounter,…


Founded over twenty years ago, Circomedia is an internationally respected centre of excellence for contemporary circus with physical performance training in Bristol.

Barbara Nices Amazing Arty Adventure

The Stockport housewife with a heart of gold, aka comedian Janice Connolly, will accompany an intrepid band of art lovers on an…

Barbara Nice

Join Mrs Barbara Nice as she leads a cracking comedy tour through the wonderful world of art.

Liquid Motion

Local dancers and projections bring this former industrial area to new life, exploring the explores the space between movement and locality.

Art Locates Me

We inspire young people with digital art and media projects.

Ian Marchant

Street shows and walkabout blending juggling, clowning, comedy and audience participation with a classic vaudevillian twist

Two Old Men

Two Old Men is a tale of two old friends created and danced by internationally acclaimed 2Faced Dance Company. This is a…

Professor Pumpernickels Superdooper Science Show

Roll up, roll up and witness the greatest show on Earth. Starring exotic chemical compounds, unfathomable physics phenomena and some really rubbish…

Tinderbox Creations

The idea here is to enthuse people about science via a unique and entertaining theatrical experience. Yes, its educational, but it certainly isnt boring and If you like fire, explosions, loads of mess and mind bending magic, youll love Pumpernickel.
Old classics and new inventions are performed and shared with much enthusiasm and humour. Often requiring the help of audience volunteers (especially the really messy bits!).

Never Too Old

A cheeky Grandpa and a feisty Grandma battle it out for your attention and affections – Never Too Old… is a love…


Reliquary is a walkabout that becomes an installation piece. Two characters in procession create an enigmatic and cryptic presence whilst wheeling the…

The Birds

A rare set of exotic birds have escaped captivity and have taken a liking to the local habitat. The Rubious Harmonious has…