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Full House

a neighbourhood-fable about diversity and communication that will make you laugh and identify with the dog, the horse, the koala and the tiger

[ The Frame ]

an observation and description of daily life crisscrossing the ordinary, the trivial and the general to discover the extraordinary, the special and the unique

Eléctrico 28

We are a collective of artists from Austria and Catalonia who dedicate their work to the public space and its inhabitants. We…


Kaleider is an international production studio led by artist Seth Honnor, playing on the edge of installation, live performance and digital.


[street theatre / site specific / Premiere Sept. 21] In a place without time, in a time which has no date, in…


[living installation / site specific] They invite you to their home, you experience a weird visit to the place, they accept you…

You Told That Joke Twice

You Told That Joke Twice is a project designed by three independent artists from the disciplines of video, photography and performance. The…

Taking Flight

Family Friendly Circus Theatre. “Sharing communal delight in the raptures of flight”. Join us on our adventurous journey with a magical mystery…

The Gramophones Theatre Company

We are a female led theatre company run by Co-Artistic Directors Hannah Stone and Ria Ashcroft who are both theatre making mammas….

RoguePlay Theatre

RoguePlay is a UK based highly physical theatre company, creating a unique style of narrative theatre using ground based circus, dance and spoken word.


A fisherman lived, together with his wife, in a simple cottage. They had everything and were happy and content until a talking fish started granting wishes…

The Lips by Puppets with Guts

Roxy Robinson, Festival of Sky Director comments:
“The Lips were just so fabulous…!“

Puppets with Guts

“The Lips were just so fabulous…!’’
Roxy Robinson- Festival of Sky Director

Mind the Gap

With its alternating construction and deconstruction, turbulent floor space and vertical axes, the scenography of Mind the Gap is an architectural space…

The Open Air Drawing Room

The project is an example of socially engaged art practice crossing boundaries between performance and painting. Commissioned by the Turner Contemporary and…

The Open Air Drawing Room

Next appearing at GDIF 2020

Just More Productions

Just More Productions is a new community engagement company using food history and performance to educate and entertain. Just More is a…


WILD, the latest daring outdoor production from Motionhouse, explores our disconnect with the natural environment and how, in a world where many…