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Danse K par K

Founded in Quebec City in 2005 under the artistic direction of choreographer Karine Ledoyen, Danse K par K is a company dedicated…


CONSEQUENCES, winner of the FiraTàrrega’17 Moritz Award for Best Premiere of Street Arts, is a show for all audiences that explores through…

Cia Moveo – Physical Theatre and Dance

Since 2005, the CIA MOVEO produces and tours internationally productions that explore the narrative strength of the body and the expressive richness…

Far From The Norm

Far From The Norm are an Olivier award winning Hip Hop dance company, committed to the pursuit of making honest, relevant and needed work for our generation.


“Far From The Norm expose at the darker side of football in explosive, witty H.O.H” Greenwich + Docklands International Festival


This chaotic and frenzied Hip Hop dance theatre work explores how divided we are as a nation. Due to the recent surge…


A male and female duet, Void explores the space created by the pandemic, and what has moved into that space – both good and bad.


Gripping and raw, Amaranthine is a highly physical and fast paced duet, which tells the story of two people who are deeply in love, and in conflict.

Witness This

Witness This turns the spotlight on mental health in a moving portrayal of how loved ones’ cope, when mental health problems take hold of someone close.

Of Man And Beast

Rage Against the Machine, athleticism and beauty, Company Chameleon’s unforgettable outdoor dance piece explores and uncovers the many faces of masculinity.


Push is a powerful and engaging male duet, which looks at the different stances we take to understand and relate to one…


Pravaas is Akademi’s new outdoor production.  Pravaas explores issues around climate migration.  The show provides an experience of ancient dance forms and live…

Jeanefer Jean-Charles

Artistic Director and Choreographer Jeanefer Jean-Charles is a globally respected creative artist.

Black Victorians

Black Victorians by Artistic Director / Choreographer Jeanefer Jean-Charles is inspired by nineteenth century studio photographs of black men, women and childen

Letters of Hope

Letters of Hope is a free event and the first event of its kind at the majestic Penshaw Monument. Join us as…

Sarah Dobbs

Aerialist and author, Sarah has completed commissions for Compass Presents, Sunderland Culture and Festival Stoke with her company, Uncaged which she co-founded….

A Graceful Act of Stupidity

Join our two flight attendants as they take you on a journey that slips seamlessly between the everyday and the poetic. Brace…


Performed in a bed of soil Rodadoras explores the themes of death and re-birth, cycles of life and a state of emergency…