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Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company

MCDC was founded by Artistic Director and Choreographer Michaela Cisarikova in 2014 in London. In 2020 MCDC relocated to Folkestone and continued…

Canapé Art

Under the direction of performer/designer Eleni Edipidi Levantes Dance Theatre creates theatrical work which is inclusive and visually strong. Their popular Canapé…

KRE8! 2022

Guided by our hosts, a diverse cast of 8 international guest dancers will go head to head to the sound of a live band and a DJ, following various creative tasks


Dovetail ignites a rebirth; a highly physical explosive and emotive duet that delves into what it means to
rebuild and rediscover oneself

Levantes Dance Theatre

Levantes Dance Theatre is an award winning performance company that has a constant enthusiasm for fusing artistic disciplines and indulging in vibrant…

The Rite of Spring – reimagined (outdoor version)

Seeta Patel Dance has reimagined Stravinsky’s iconic ballet ‘The Rite of Spring’ in the powerful classical Indian dance style Bharatanatyam.

Last Orders

With vats of physicality, barrels of humour and a pounding soundtrack, join us down the local as we explore a future where our differences stop dividing us.


The fearless new dance production choreographed by Alleyne Dance explores our relationship with authority and control. With abuses of power and domination…

Where All Paths Lead

Through the company’s trademark distinctive physicality, driven choreography, touches of parkour and complex partner work, 7 male dancers embrace the powerful possibilities…

Seeta Patel

Award winningBritish Asian dancer, choreographer, mentor & activist. Trained in Bharatanatyam & worked in contemporary dance & physical theatre for 2 decades.

The Colours Festival

Giants behaving apparently in a dignified way, players mysteriously walking out in streets and squares, through multicoloured windows and sunny branches in…

Cia. Mar Gómez

Cia Mar Gómez is a dance theatre company that mixes a personal choreographic language with some characteristic traits such as theatricality, narrative…

Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer

The internationally touring Anglo-German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer charmingly present innovative acoustic folk & beyond. Their new show ‘Auf Wiedersehen,…


16rpm are a street theatre company with an eye for the absurd. A brand new company that comes with years of experience….

The Carpeters

Hard up, tired out, worn down
In search of a celebrity, a party, an opening night
Confused, disorientated, they find a way
Rolling out a bold red line of chaos

Danse K par K

Founded in Quebec City in 2005 under the artistic direction of choreographer Karine Ledoyen, Danse K par K is a company dedicated…

The Cameraman

With songs, excitement and comedy, we follow the fortunes of an inept cameraman who inadvertently becomes involved in the theft of the World’s Largest Diamond.


SAY was born from Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masui’s ambition to rediscover the creativity that can get lost through formal training and…