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Willy and Wally

Willy and Wally are drowning in mountains of plastic, resigned to the fact that they will soon be swallowed entirely. As well…


Inspired by The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, the the feelings of anxiety, heaviness, loneliness and helplessness. The hero, who has turned into…

Stalker Teatro

performance art group

Still in the City – Dawn

Pitch and pre-bid stage We are looking for support for development in space in kind and have a target of £5000 to…

A Safe Show

In the entrance hall of the show there is a security check. You need to put shoes, phone, keys and bags in…

The Insidian

Skagt is a hyperrealistic theatre show during which the audience descends into a 400 meter deep vertical shaft. Once the underworld is…


The beaching of a whale has always been a magical event. This is what we reconstruct. A life-size, hyperreal statue of a…

Captain Boomer Collective

Captain boomer is not a practical joker, nor is he a fool. But he is determinedly original and has a vague and modest idea of himself as a legendary figure.

London Gay Big Band

The UK’s top LGBT Jazz Orchestra, bringing modern Big Band sound back to life.

Ockham’s Razor

Award winning Ockham’s Razor specialise in creating physical theatre on new pieces of circus equipment, drawing upon the relationships, conflicts and emotions naturally inherent in circus to create visually striking and moving theatre.

Hurly Burly

The Hurly Burly is a mobile sound sculpture, sonic amusement twittering machine and junkyard delirium; packed with a tumultuous array of bells,…

The Umbrella Tree

The Umbrella Tree is an absurd botanical mechanical contraption designed to bemuse, baffle, delight and amuse children of all ages. It consists…


An acrobatic-dance company, based in Leeds (UK), creating performances for unconventional spaces and outdoors.

The Dinner Table

Ursula Harrington Carrington Barrington Farrington Larrington takes you on a 25 minute crash course in how to behave at the table. A…

Bread & Goose

Bread & Goose make site responsive theatre that is socially engaged and also fun. We invite our audiences to participate, to play, and to respond.

Ecstatic Cinematic

Ecstatic Cinematic is a theatrical comedy ‘Drive-in Movie’ experience like no other! Fusing Hollywood cinema, live action and plenty of unique audience…


Emportats is a circus show for all audiences that combines different disciplines: acrobatics, juggling, music and work with objects (doors). Through the…


The Potted project is based on the premise of artistic innovation. The four members of the company, come together with the interest…