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Compagnie Oposito

At a time when society cultivates the notion of « every man for himself » and is constantly searching for a hero…

Le Chariot2

This show was born in 2006, after a re-do of “le chariot”. « Le Chariot » has been performed more than 100…

O temps dO

New aquarium version, for all indoor venues , for all theaters They are two, both of them musicians who are coming to…

île O

A circus show ankle-deep in water? Why not! Two clowns step into the spotlight in this uncommon show where the Chinese Pole…


Barolosolo Company – aquatic and musical circus shows

Cheapskate Catering Agency

Cheapskate Catering Agency: Welcome to Cheapskate Catering Agency, providing unrivalled waiting staff for your every event, party or festival. Each one of…

The Crimplene Crusaders

The Crimplene Crusaders: These octogenarian upholders of moral values are out and about with one thing on their minds: to keep standards…

Midwives On Call!

Vamos Theatre presents Midwives on Call! Aprons starched, caps ironed, sensible shoes polished, and a bottle of Wartime Spirit secreted in their…

DANBOR TALKA / Clash of Drums

Habitués des grands événements festifs, musicaux et pyrotechniques à travers les festivals du monde entier, la compagnie basque DEABRU BELTZAK (ES) et…

Dynamite & Poetry

“When the fuse gets shorter and there are no more friends, get ready for the boom for all that begins shall end”…

DavidMoreno & cie

Pianist and composer, an eclectic artist searching for inspiration beyond music in theatre, dance, cinema and the plastic arts,


15ft6 is a Belgian based circus collective specialised in russian bar, tweeter board and Chinese pole.

The Human Hedges – Hilarious Hedge Men Entertainers

Hilarious Hedge Men Living Tree Entertainment – you’ll never look at your own bush the same way again!


CITIZEN Squid- An interactive big puppet spectacle. Citizen Squid is a medium scale interactive big puppet spectacle about compassion, displacement and transition…

Vamos Theatre

Vamos Theatre is the UKs leading professional full mask theatre company, creating Walkabout performance since its inception in 2006.

The Shenanigans

Bringing mayhem and madness wherever they wander, the Shenanigans are a crazy troop of fools hell bent on entertaining YOU!!!

Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant and Clown Kaspar Just the two of them are left from the former glory of a successful circus: Kaspar the…

Cock Tales

A magnificently feathered and musical poultry trio plays animal/human scenes between and with the audience. The puffed up, vain quarrelsome cock, the…