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Hello Buoys!

Taking inspiration from Vintage postcards and summer seaside pastimes, we are bringing a sense of nostalgia and nautical naughtiness to Port Merion…


Behold the bedraggled beauties, swept up on the shore, serenading shipwrecked sailors with their sublime, sultry sounds….. “Hang on a minute now…

Lampshade Ladies

The Lampshade Ladies are subtly moving portraits that bring with them a hint of vintage chic, intrigue and quirkiness. They animate the…

Psuedo Syncro

ATTENTION!!! Up, two, three, four, keep it up, two, three four… The Pseudo Synchro Swim Team are out and busy in training;…

Topiary Trauma

Meet Daisy, Lawna and Mo, our glamorous 1950s housewives in sunny suburbia, who enjoy nothing more than a bit of baking and…

Bab’s and Stella’s Intergalactic spectacular

Conjoined cosmic space cadets from Planet Kitsch have crash landed! These twins are on a mission to find the evil Dr D….

Kitsch & Sync

Kitsch & Sync are a curiously quirky dance theatre collective making performances inspired by all things vintage and retro.

Citrus Arts

Circus-dance-theatre Indoors and outdoors, based in Wales.


Waggle Dance is a Co production between Eggmen & Boom Booms Follow this swarm of super friendly bees as they are searching…

Basso doble

„Basso Doble“ is a charming walk act around a really walking double-bass and its musician

The Band at the End of the World!

Arriving in a cloud of raucous brass-heavy music, driving their homemade, water spurting, flaming and smoking battle contraption. Existing within their very…

Mr. & Mr. Burn

Meet Mr. & Mr. Burn, an explosive, chaotic, offbeat double act with a touch of disaster about them. One part strange, geeky,…

Cie Les Enjoliveurs

Musicians, singers, tap-dancing and acrobatic wading birds!


Masquerade is a playful intervention in the audiences everyday life. Using their mobile phones, the audience are invited to participate in a…

yello brick

yello brick create exciting and imaginative interactive experiences in unexpected places.

Urban Astronaut

Urban Astronaut provides a glimpse of a future that might be… where problems surrounding air pollution have reached crisis point, is there…


“Andante” is a show that moves along a street and transforms it into an artistic landscape. “Andante” is mask theatre that tells…


La Fura dels Baus is eccentricity, innovation, adaptation, rhythm, evolution and transgression.