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Scott & Muriel – The Accidental illusionists

World Champions of Magic!! Together they present amazing illusions of their own design combined with clever, visual comedy.  

Tambours de la Muerte

Three-meter tall skeletons join a procession of frenetic drummers, dancers and stilt-walkers, who then lead the audience to the final stage show,…

Lâcher des Violons

Lâcher de Violons plays on the opposition of several mediums : the weight of the drum in contrast to the delicate string…

The Lazy Kings

Six kings from here and there, of everything and nothing, have taken to the highways and byways to each complete their quest:…

Mobile Homme

Which child didn’t dream whilst lying underneath a mobile, their nose under a string of characters balancing at the end of a…

Giant Dolls and Drums

Between tradition and provocation … a clique of gleaming drums just sows a wind of madness on his rhythmic way. Suddenly, three…

Maudits Sonnants

The public entertainers of Transe Express company have decided to invade the airs to get adapted to nowadays great cities. Inventors of…

Mù – cinematic of fluids

Mù is a trip from the Earth to the Moon. We will cross the fire without burning our wings by flying into…

Soweto Spiritual Singers

With their unique all singing, all dancing performances the choir completely captivate; by the end audiences are left breathless, often deeply moved….

The Way We Heal

The Way We Heal is a play about a process of self realization which can be painful as it demands change, acceptance and growth from within. African spiritualism has always had a negative impact. Throughout history the diviners have always been portrayed as being head shrinkers, negative beings that are primitive.

You, Me & Everybody Else

An inter-generational dance theatre performance for the street. A performance for all ages, the audience is taken on a journey that reflects…

The Pandaemonium Parade

The Pandaemonium Parade is a processional whirlwind for town & street combining eccentric human powered vehicles and kinetic contraptions,mechanical beasts and puppets,…

Cirque Du Kaka

Step right, step right up, Cirque Du Kaka brings you the greatest show on earth*. The Oldest, Grandest, Bestest, Most Circus’y Circus…

Hoopla Clique

Three clowns take you through a journey of ideas and concepts. Curiosity, naivety, childishness and nastiness are just some of the ways they provoke each other into creating this piece.

Toffs on Tour

The Toffs have left the posh bubble of their estate and are out on tour dealing with the intricacies of everyday life…

Burn the Curtain

Outdoor Participatory Theatre with the audience at its centre.

The Big Bounce

‘The Big Bounce’ is a fabulously playful outdoor circus performance for children 5 years and under. A humorous story of learning how…

The Big Bounce

‘The Big Bounce’ is a fabulously playful outdoor performance for children 5 years and under, told with acrobatics and lots of big colourful balls.