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Ducie mixes traditional and contemporary styles from across the world. Combining Celtic music, Afro Cuban and Brazilian rhythms with funk, reggae, flamenco and blues, this vibrant blend of genres takes the listener over a broad, musical landscape providing music for your ears and infectious rhythms for your feet!

The Balkanics

With their unique blend of sizzling Eastern European music The Balkanics deliver a big-band seven-piece sound ranging from driving dance rhythms to dreamy interludes.

Mhairi Muir

i am an artist…still learning…making stop motion animations and videos…creating installations…taking photographs…

The Magical Morphers and the Dream Vortex by Prism Arts

In a town thrown into chaos by nightmares, a group of friends meet. Summoned by the Sandman, they embark on a journey…

Prism Arts

Inclusive Arts Projects across Cumbria

The Smallest Theatre in the World

The Smallest Theatre presents a larger than life stage production of King Kong. Ambitious in scale and audacious in its execution –…

Beast of the Theatre

ndescribably wild physical comedy from the man with the Eraserhead haircut. Chris Lynam, the infamous iconoclastic clown, brings you his interactive, acrobatic,…

Save the Lyma Birds!

The Lyma birds have hatched and escaped the nest, and are creating havoc! Renowned as one of the most mischievous birds on…

Knuckle and Joint

Knuckle and Joint Theatre Company are a Kent based duo specialising in intricate puppetry design and dynamic outdoor performance.

Miss Murphys Pantomime Ponies

Miss Murphy’s fabulous troupe of performing Pantomime Ponies perform specially choreographed dressage routines. They will be prancing and trotting through all manner…

Charlie Murphy

Miss Murphy’s fabulous troupe of performing Pantomime Ponies perform specially choreographed dressage routines.

Snowball, The Last Dance

Take your partners for the last dance of Mintfest 2014 with the Ragroof Players who will guide you through a variety of…

The Ragroof Players

The Ragroof Players create theatre shows, performance projects and bespoke events in many forms and genres, including street arts, site-specific performance, vaudeville, and popular theatre and dance.


Access All Areas represents World Music artists from India, Pakistan, Australia, Peru, Louisiana, New Mexico, Egypt, Burundi, Niger, France, Germany, Finland and the UK

La Menagerie

Two people without kindness make a jolly entrance. Catching the eyes of the curious on-lookers, they are going to show you a…

Cie DeFO

This is a story of greatness and the decline of an era that looks strangely like ours.

Recipe for a Healthy Lake

Mother Nature is joined by top chefs Naturella ‘Luscious’ Lakesome and Algae ‘Dastardly’ Bloomingtall in a bid to create the best recipe…

Windermere Reflections

We’re a 3 year Heritage Lottery funded programme with a real community focus to our 19 projects.