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The Pocket Sideshow Presents

Albert Ross used to be a famous seabird serving under Captain John Martin until one fatal night in the middle of summer,…

Arka – by Teatr Osmega Dnia

The Ark still reminds us that we are living in the age of refugees, vagabonds, and nomads, who travel across continents, and…

Teatr Osmega Dnia

The Polish Teatr Osmego Dnia, founded in 1964, one of Europe’s most important experimental theatre companies.


When the sun sets on the summer solstice, the dead rise from their graves to dance in the streets of London. Dance…

Rara Woulib

A collective uniting musicians, actors, visual artists, costume designers, pyrotechnicians, and set constructors


Come in. Settle down. Close your eyes and listen. Are there bees living in your ears? Has the sea stopped crying? Is…

LOD Music Theatre

LOD music theatre is a Ghent production house for opera and music theatre.

Futebol: The Alternative World Cup

Light Up the House presents: New dance theatre with freestyle football skills…. When young footballer Charles Miller returns home to Sao Paolo…

Light Up The House

Light Up The House is a company ran by freelance writer/arts producer -Sarah Weatherwall who’s worked within live-arts since 2003.

Kadogo Child Soldier – by La Patriotico Interesante

Children, seduced by the fever of consumerism, marginalised, without futures, the streets their only home, live with violence and delinquency as their…

La Patriotico Interesante

La Patriotico Interesante has, for 10 years, developed a theatrical language in which imagery, movement and music harmonise with text.


Dark comedy meets clowning in Ramshackliciousʼ dystopian take on situation comedy. Set in a make-shift-haphazard-burger-van-come-family-home enter the world of Grime where violence…

Te Odiero

The “Te Odiero” project starts in an artistic residency at La Gomera Choreographic Center in the summer of 2011, then in Madrid,…

The Beasts

The Royal Society of Beastologists is on the hunt for a fearsome, never-before-seen beast. They’ve already photographed the Loch Ness Monster, the…


Candelaria was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where her contemporary dance training at Oscar Araiz’s ARTE XXI dance school began.

Bucket Club

Bucket Club are an associate company of Farnham Maltings. Theyre a collective of writers, directors, producers, performers, designers and musicians.


Watermans is a West London arts centre. We present a year-round programme of outdoor arts at Bell Square.


Pelat is body poetry. Pelat is ritual, movement and collective action. Pelat eliminates the boundaries between dance, circus, theatre and performance; between…