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Eric MacLennan

Scottish theatre maker – makes bold, cutting-edge work with a clear focus on its audience, challenging, provocative but always entertaining.

Draw & Code

Hi, we are Draw & Code, a team of talented artists, illustrators, animators and programmers based in Liverpool. Our multi-discipline creative studio has worked on everything from multi-media theatre to augmented reality apps. We are specialists in both projected video and animation for live performance.


The Borrowers are on the loose! Follow them as they walk, run, jumps over and perform acrobatics on their giant bobbin. A…


Insectotròpics is an artistic collective experimenting by fusing and interacting between video, painting, music and theatre to create multidisciplinary performances.

Titan the Robot

8ft of Steaming Robotic Loveliness!


Their repertoire, is fed by musical culture of the Eastern countries, with a very current western anchoring. It oscillates between song, sometimes…


Their directory, is fed by musical culture of Eastern European countries, with a very current western anchoring.
It oscillates between songs, and pieces more rock ‘n’ roll (even punk) and joyful.


Poetic Works for the creation and the maintenance of the communications with the imagination.

Les Fabulations de l Echo (Echos Fantasy)

A musical journey in a natural setting. Where MUSICABRASS ventures into meadows, woods, forests and riverbeds. This daydreaming carries us along a…


In a city, in a street, on the quays of a river, in the very back of a bistro or in the…


Le Petit Cirque is a complex sound object object made of wood, plastic, strings, springs and fragility. A mere breath can set…


The company MUSICABRASS is first and foremost specialized in how to fill a street musically, physically and with performance.
The group’s musicians enthuse audiences with their unconventional use of public space and have seduced even large crowds with their original music.

Laurent BIGOT

With LE PETIT CIRQUE, electro-acoustic musician Laurent Bigot creates an installation evocative of a circus ring, upon which he sets objects and toys into motion.

Seven Dials Rapscallions

Historical interpretation and Street Theatre – The Victorian world on the streets of today. Victorian entertainers for all manner of events.


Here, within the after, under a metall frame, three people delight themselves through bodies, plays, tension and mutual hanging. …… in the…

Proyecto Otradnoie

The main point in our work is to seek and develop a stage language wich will bring together : circus, objects, construction of sound devices, movements and sound creation ; These components become incorporated into feeding show and dramaturgy.

Same Difference Arts

Dynamic, street performer trained in circus, clown and physical theatre. I revel in bringing characters to life, embodying puppets, and engaging with families and communities in interactive street and outdoor performance.

The Oss & The Ox

The ‘Oss & The Ox is a contemporary outdoor performance event that brings the excitement and immediacy of ancient ritual into new,…