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XTRAX Showcase 2007

The Alexandra’s (UK) Priscilla Queen of the Deaf World (Music / Theatre) A unique all dancing, signing troupe directed by leading deaf director…

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XTRAX Showcase 2005

30 Bird Productions Majnoun (theatre) Iran: no booze, no sex, no techno? Majnoun blasts the Western image of Iran through the roof in…

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XTRAX Showcase 2004

Angela Sidwell Eagle and Wolf (outdoor) Angela is a sculptor who works with natural materials modelled around a steel frame. She likes her…

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XTRAX Showcase 2003

Jonzi D Aeroplane Man The story of a black man’s journey on a global quest to find his spiritual homeland. With a…

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x.Trax international showcase 2001

Where Have They Hidden All The Answers? – Third Angel A multimedia installation exploring the uncertainty of our times by Sheffield based,…

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