XTRAX projects are strategic, long-term, use the expertise of the entire team, and make a real impact on the outdoor arts sector. The team works with partners to help shape a sector in which artists can flourish and sell their work; festivals can extend their reach to new audiences; information can be shared between professionals, and help elevate UK outdoor arts to be amongst the finest in the world.

Platform 4: UK (2015 – 2018)

Platform 4: UK (2015 – 2018) From August 2015 – January 2018, XTRAX was supported by Arts Council England’s International Showcase fund…

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Professional networking events at SIRF 2023

XTRAX worked with SIRF to offer a programme of professional networking events alongside the festival on 3-6 August 2023. Delegates enjoyed the…

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Rosa’s Bar

XTRAX was the tour booker for Rosa’s Bar, Wired’s quick-witted piece about tango and trickery which toured in a double bill with…

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Seminar for UK Outdoor Artists on Show Pricing and International Touring (2017)

In May 2017, XTRAX, Without Walls, and ISAN joined forces to run two events aimed at UK outdoor arts companies looking to…

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Seminar for UK Street Artists: How to sell your work in Europe (2016)

The seminar provided a valuable insight into the European outdoor market and the context of festivals in Europe, offering advice on how to…

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Straw Dog

XTRAX were the tour bookers for this critically acclaimed collaboration between Wired Aerial Theatre and the award-winning Henri Oguike. Straw Dog is…

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