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Hohodza Band

African music and dancing performed at its best.

Circo Imperfecto

Circus show from Catalonia.

Cie des Quatre Saisons

Big Mama is a totem of the earth; mother from all people of the world. She is represented by a giant puppet that comes to visit kids and everybody.


Journey back to those halcyon days of wireless and join Roger and Gloria as they present ‘It’s That Time Again’ in front of an invited audience.

The Ideas Factory

The Ideas Factory is an independant organisation promoting street arts and entertainment to public and private sector bodies.

Liam Curtin

An visual artist who creates public art and installations using unconventional materials.


THE PRIMITIVES – rhythmic, comic and touching theatre productions made and played by 2 highly experienced actor/creators.


A fully acoustic quarted packing all original tunes, extraordinary suits and loads of fun.

Dark Horse

The Bigheads are coming! Enormous, latex heads with hyper-extending tongues, disappearing legs and emerging arms, telephathically linked for instant interactive hilarity.

Circus Wonder

Enter the world of the genuine Victorian freakshow and meet the man who CAN breathe through his eyes – just don’t try this at home!

Dynamic New Animation

Dynamic New Animation’s new production is set inside a small shabby circus tent where viewers witness a collection of strange, weird and wonderful puppets performing in a timeless freakshow.

Dot Comedy

The Time Team have arrived. Are they digging a massive hole for themselves? Will they find eveidence of prehistoric activity? Or just end, up to their necks in it?

The Fairly Famous Family

Three brilliant street shows!

Horace X

Flourescent danceband, playing a rampant mix of Irish and Indian Fiddles, jazzy sax, ragga ranting, samples and drumming at a breakneck speed.

Mischief La-Bas

Mischief La-Bas has evolved from small-scale interventionist activity to an organisation capable of presenting large-scale international collaborative work. The company is recognised as a principle provider of outdoor work in Scotland.

Monkey Business

A performance, for one person at a time, that invites the viewer to engage with a cominc character created through optical illusion.

Wired Aerial Theatre

Wired Aerial Theatre is known for it’s use of breathtaking ‘bungee-assisted dance’ techniques.

Mironoff show

MIRONOFF SHOW- is the interactive comedy show for circuses, amusement parks, cruises, wedding parties, children’s birthday parties, hotels, street performances, Christmas celebrations and events all over the world