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Beatriz Churruca

We are a team of three women artists: Hrvoslava Brkušić, Croatian multimedia & sound artist; Deirdre Cartmill, N. Irish poet, and Beatriz Churruca, Basque visual artist & Performer.

Eddy Eighty

“We just have to go back and listen to what they told us in the 80’s.”

TEATRO SÓ visual poetry

TEATRO SÓ visual poetry

TEATRO SÓ is a Portuguese theater company based in Berlin. It develops a multidisciplinary work relating circus arts, mask technique, physical theater, installation and plastic arts. All these components converge to an imaginative, non-spoken, visually poetic theater in which the communication between actor and audience happens through the power of gesture. The themes on the scene focus directly on social stigmas transverse to all cultures and generations.

Electric Cabaret

Award Winning Physical Theatre Ensemble. Specialising in silent quirky performance, comedy, character movement and dance.

Compagnia dei Folli

If you are looking for something new and spectacular, \”Compagnia dei Folli\” is the right answer!

Il Teatro Viaggiante

Company of comic theater and street theater, varieté and cabaret, juggling, unicycling and mime

Lucio Baglivo

Lucio Baglivo is a dancer, actor, dance and acrobatic teacher and

Indaco Circus

“Rechazos y caidas” is a show of contemporary circus where love, play and rejection are mixed and expressed through acrobatics and juggling. It’s an high impact show, suitable for all kind of audience.

Jean and Morag Tea Ladies

Two dear old ladies and their tricycle ride around stop and make tea and chat.

The Inflateabelles

A balloon force to be reckoned with. The inflate-a-belles will decorate your world with fabulous balloon creations.


Everyone has something to hide! But what lies behind the veil of our appearance? Another “I”? Naughty and disobedient? Or rather charming…

Circus Twist

Entertainment with a Circus Twist. Professional eyecatching stilt walkers and fire shows

Silence Teatro

The SILENCE Teatro performs research through expressive forms which combine the Theatre and the Environment encouraging a creative dialogue between urban spaces and artistic work.


“In-Controlado” tells about this part in our self that we feverishly try to hide until we can no longer hold it…

With a chinese pole, a mysterious closet and two capricious characters, this circus performance, both acrobatic and theatrical, funny and touching, will draw you in a quirky universe, on the edge of the magical and slightly absurd.

Cadute dalle nuvole

Theatre combined with dance and astonishing aerial acrobatics (double trapeze, multiropes, aerial hoop) is what offers the company CADUTE DALLE NUVOLE in their piece IMPASSE. The show tells the story of a sick and stalled relationship; of a mutual dependence and the yearning for freedom. Can consciousness gained save the relationship?

La Banshee

Theatre company dedicated to revealing and exploring hidden aspects of the world with a strong emphasis on the feminine.


Nanirossi was created in 2003 and is composed of two young artists: Matteo Mazzei and Elena Fresch, who both love circus and theater.


The story of circoPitanga is, like every story, a unique story. But what characterizes it perhaps the most is its multicultural background and various influences that give it both a diversified yet universal composition.