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Parasite Circus

PARASITE CIRCUS! A blood bath for young and old!

Two Sink, Three Float

Two Sink, Three Float: A trio with dance and visual theatre. The water as unknown, depth, subconscious lets things float or sink….

Studio Eclipse

Company Studio Eclipse creates performances for specific locations, where external elements evoke purity and inspire movement. The combination and collaboration with other…

La Trócola Circ

Circus company which base their creations in the decontextualization of the object, live music, and a high technical level of juggling and acrobatics.

The Handymen (Los Mañas)

An endearing absurd world full of setbacks and clumsiness. The Handimen have arrived in your neighborhood. They come equipped with everything necessary…


ProduCirk is a platform for the production and distribution of circus and theater shows nationally and internationally.


Emportats is a circus show for all audiences that combines different disciplines: acrobatics, juggling, music and work with objects (doors).


Oyun is a unique and innovative show for all kind of audience, combining humor, rhythm, originality and a refined technique of juggling.

PIPA, puppet show.

PIPA* does not want a quiet and peaceful life, he wants to play, to have fun, to fall in love, to live…

La Puntual

La Puntual is directed by Eugenio and Nestor Navarro, with the aim that everyone who comes to see a puppet show will…


In preparation for their regularly scheduled night out, one friend’s distraction slowly seeps its way into the heads of her friends making…


14 Songs, 3 dancers and a set of performances chosen by YOU the Audience. This interactive work takes popular songs from different…

Jamaal Burkmar

My first creation was as a second year student at the Northern School for Contemporary Dance (NSCD), I created a piece entitled…

Joseph Toonga

Joseph Toonga is originally from Cameroon and was raised in East London. He is a choreographer existing in different territories leading the…

Born to Protest

Born to Protest is part of a Hip-Hop dance theatre sequel Joseph Toonga is curating to highlight black excellence. It follows the…


Inspired by ancestral Japanese origami techniques, Origami turns a 40 foot container into a shifting performance space. Satchie Noro slowly evolves on…

Future Cargo

Future Cargo is an alternative outdoor dance show bridging grand visual spectacle and intimate fly-on-the-wall experience. In the science fiction of Future…

Ear Trumpet

Ear Trumpet is about listening. It’s about the sound under the ground. The noises that you would miss if you didn’t listen…