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Gravity & Levity

‘A tour de force of aerial performance, delivering emotional truth in every beat’. Why? Bradley Hemmings, Artistic Director, GDIF 2020.

Taking Flight

Spectacular 30 min outdoor dance-theatre show
based around 4 international, part human, part bird, part flying machine characters set in a distopian future


Movema celebrates diversity through dance, including professional performance and creating safe spaces for different communities to come together.


AVAILABLE FOR TOURING MAY-OCTOBER 2022 Joss Arnott Dance present PULSE!, a brand-new dance and live music experience created for the streets. Performed…


Adrift tells the story of two women, lost at sea on a moving wooden raft. A story told through dance, theatre, circus,…


Grow is an energetic and uplifting family-friendly dance theatre duet which celebrates the power of nature to rejuvenate, take over spaces and…


Mayfly is a spectacular fusion of water, dance and song. The stage will come to life with water effects and leaping fountains….

Kapow – Dance Circus Theatre

Kapow is a female led company, creating vibrant and imaginative productions for people and planet. We use dance, circus and theatre to…

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company A female-led theatre company based in the beautiful fishing port of Brixham, in Southwest…


The company‚Äôs distinctive style pushes movement to its limits, integrating elements of circus and acrobatics with contact choreography and breath-taking dance. Motionhouse…

Woven Land

A participatory audio guided choreography for parks and woodlands. A poetic journey of ecological and social interconnectivity.



Vanessa Grasse

Vanessa is a dance and multidisciplinary artist from Sicily, based in Leeds, UK. She explores the crossover between choreography, walking-art and installation…

Moths At Work

Two Disco Moth Electricians Touring the streets in a giant inflatable light bulb gathering and sharing out Joy and Light. Originally commissioned…


Pif-Paf is a performance and sculpture company based in Sheffield creating both intimate and spectacular work for the great outdoors and new…


TOAST is an ambitious beautiful, growing, communal celebration of food, song, story, dance and fire. It happens on and around around our…

Cycle Circus

Every pedal is a revolution!
Tumble Circus have got on their bikes to bring their world famous circus divilment direct to you.

Requardt & Rosenberg

Requardt & Rosenberg is the partnership of performance maker and Shunt co-founder, David Rosenberg, and choreographer, Frauke Requardt. Their current production, Future…