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Woven Land

A participatory audio guided choreography for parks and woodlands. A poetic journey of ecological and social interconnectivity.


Mesh An outdoor 20-minute contemporary dance duet for adult and family audiences. We Rise… At a time when human connection, alliance and…

Laura Vanhulle

Co-Artistic Director – Laura originates from Belgium. After training at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Laura worked extensively with internationally known companies:…

Miss High Leg Kick

Francesca Baglione (Miss High Leg Kick) is an established live artist whose work uses collaboration and unusual approaches to audience engagement to…


Oqda- a new outdoor show by EEDT featuring hand balance, traditional Moroccan acrobatics and urban dance in a touching exploration of cultural differences.

A Posi+ive Life

An immersive sex education and coming-of-age dance theatre experience for teenagers and young adults.

Autin Dance Theatre

Autin Dance Theatre – innovative and interdisciplinary dance company. Drawing on contemporary social issues and events to make beautifully crafted, accessible a

Gary and Pel Live Action Cartoon

Gary and Pel is a live action cartoon company based in Barry, South Wales. Mixing dynamic dance, slapstick comedy and adventure. The concept created…

CarCrash Wedding

Gary & Pel have just said “I do” and are driving off into the sunset… It’s the happiest day of their lives…

Travellers Delight (Walkabout)

Have you seen a Hot Air Balloon? Are we in Costa Rica? Help The hilarious Aussie couple find their Honeymoon Balloon in…

HoneyMoon Balloon

Gary and Pel have two tickets to paradise and are about to embark on their first ever luxury hot air balloon vacation….

Avant Garde Dance

Avant Garde Dance is a London based company, leading the way for British contemporary Hip Hop theatre, consistently producing bold, powerful & imaginative work.


Nelly the Obby Oss is an animated puppet on a tricycle chassis, engineered for full engagement and interaction with the audience.


Jabberwocky! is an animated and illuminated puppet beast mounted on a tricycle chassis, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous nonsense poem Jabberwocky.

The Umbrella Tree

The Umbrella Tree is an absurd botanical mechanical contraption designed to bemuse, baffle, delight and amuse children of all ages. It consists…

OTUS Extracts

An odd world where two beings reside, OTUS is rooted in human nature and rendered through the stage disciplines circus, theatre and movement.

Bash Street Theatre

Bash Street Theatre is a small independent touring company founded 30 years ago by partners Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering. Based in…

The Cameraman – a new musical comedy street theatre show for all ages.

There are songs, excitement and silent comedy as the storyline follows the fortunes of an inept cameraman who inadvertently becomes involved in the theft of the