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Three lost clowns, cast out by a changing world. We see the person behind the nose and discover the clown behind the…


Ding, dong, ding, dong…rings the jingle bell’s music, the gears start moving…Tic-tac, tic-tac…It’s time! Knights and the clowns fill the stage where…

Bar Story

An Etta Ermini Dance Theatre production, produced by Artstrust Productions. It’s 4.30pm, and two bartenders open for business. Patrons arrive and place…


Alice is dreaming. She dreams that she is growing and is being transformed into a giant who walks the streets of towns…

Teatre Nu

We are a theatre company that work hard for reinvent ourselves in every new project feeding us with images, sounds and words.

Abbozzo Arts

Abbozzo arts is an emerging north-west Street theatre and circus company. Working in the small to medium scale range.

The Lost Grannies

The Lost Grannies is an interactive comic walkabout; small scale with a big impact as public spaces are interrupted by 2 colourful…

The Consciousness Collective

We are a group of musicians and artists that provide positive immersive experiences to audience members.


A 30 minute performance combining contemporary circus arts, puppetry, mask-work and dance. The show follows two characters, a woman and a wolf,…

Esther de Monteflores

slack-rope theatre

The Floating Cinema

The Floating Cinema is a unique purpose built 60 ft wide beam canal boat with a 16 seater cinema auditorium space built on board and central viewing deck. Built to travel the canals and inland waterways of London this unique contemporary boat delights and inspires passerby as it lights up and moors up to welcome guests on board to enjoy a boat trip or screening inside with our state of the art screening facilities and surround sound or transform the space into a stunning workshop or party space.


If the ocean were ill, would she weep? If clouds were riddles,, would we listen? If a sailor survived a sirens song,…


BeautifulMess instigate playful performance projects, creating interactive, socially-relevant, celebratory shows in public places, connecting communities, unearthing magic, exploding possibilities!

Mufti Games

We create theatrical installations that rediscover the simple enjoyment of classic kids’ games as a collective experience for all ages, bringing passers by together in the spirit of healthy competition and happenstance.

La Bella Tour

Once the circus was at full bloom and the audiences cheered the skilful acrobats and the courageous lion tamers night after night….


Cardboardia – how to build your ideal world

Imagine you could step out of your normal life and become a character in your own story. How would you make it?
Whether you would like to be an artist or an entrepreneur (performer), fully immersed or to visit for a while, Cardboardia gives you the tools to build a community or participate in a totally unique creative experiment.

Outdoor performances, parades and processions, workshops and festivals even real size towns from cardboard.

La Baroque

Lords of demons, infants or she-devils, delirious fools…Why do they smile knowingly? What do their words mean? Pre-renaissance black poisonous flowers, this…


A caravan coming from a far away Asian country, from a wide long lost land of steppes, a red universe comes forth……