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PasParTouT wants to divert, raise to laugh and to surprise, as well as to change the perspective and to touch. They have been invited to more than 30 different countries.

Shiny Shorts

Shiny Shorts sees two dancers in fetching silver shorts doing a series of short dances about trying to stay together. It’s light-hearted…


Based on the importance and weight of percussion in Easter celebrations, Tutatis has created a street show that is inspired by sounds…

Bears from Pyrénées

The show draws on Bear’s Party celebrated in the month of February in various areas of the Pyrenees, to correspond with the…

Horses from Menorca

Horses from Menorca is a personal view of the Minorcan celebration. It recreates the primitive animal nature of the horse and recovers…


Tutatis Producciones Teatrales S.L is a Catalan enterprise with a large experience, 26 years old, into the ambit of scenic arts, specialized in production and distribution of events, theatrical plays, street shows and concerts.

Steelasophical Steel Band

We bring the Caribbean to you – Steelasophical is a UK based leading provider of Live Caribbean musical entertainment

The Dream Performance

Specialists in aerial performance, stilt-walking and bespoke productions and creators of the most beautiful freestanding aerial hoop act, ‘La Luna’.


What came first the chicken or the egg? Who is god? Why do we live our lives in front of screens? What…

Burek – The Marionette Improvisation

A street performance featuring Burek the dog uncannily imitating the movements of real of real canines. Do you have your own dog?…

Wandering Orquestra

They arrive at the city with Mozart and Beethoven in their bags and ancient instruments on their backs. The five unusual musicians of The WANDERING ORQUESTRA are about to play a great concert. The only problem is that nobody knows where they have to play, where they have to go or who they should talk to…

Fadunito & S.E. Productions

They’ve been in the orphanage for many years.
So far, no one has adopted them and they are already grown up.
Maybe today is different and someone wants to take one of them home…


A new restaurant is about to open. A highly qualified team is there to make it happen. The list of reservations is infinite!
A seemingly unending series of surprising events, accidents and catastrophes will prevent your table for 2 be ready.
“Mesa para 2“ offers you an international and incomparable experience.
Let yourself be surprised by its charm.

Les Tambours

The great stories begin with «Once upon a time …» The big news and highlights are preceded by a drum roll ……

Two by Two Show

Scott brings a big black box on stage. In one minute he unfolds it into a complete theater. It’s got everything: a…

Magnificent Miss Muriel (and her magician…)

The Accidental Illusionists & World Champions of Magic star in this romantic comedy about a bumbling magician and his zany assistant. First…

Scott & Muriel – The Accidental illusionists

World Champions of Magic!! Together they present amazing illusions of their own design combined with clever, visual comedy.  

Tambours de la Muerte

Three-meter tall skeletons join a procession of frenetic drummers, dancers and stilt-walkers, who then lead the audience to the final stage show,…