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Tutti in Valigia (Everything in a Suitcase)

Suitcases inside suitcases inside suitcases… objects that continuously mutate and in doing so bring new scenes to life. Luigi Ciotta take us…

Luigi Ciotta

Luigi Ciotta is an Italian professional theatre actor, clown, buffoon, street performer and variety show presenter.

Trotamundos circus company

“Trotamundos” circus company was formed in January 2015 in Buenos Aires by Mailén Mansilla and Luciano Mezzotero, both natives of the Argentine…

Amazing Wood & Wood

Amazing Wood & Wood are two fascinating, sustainable, poetic and entertaining wooden mask characters! Performed in silence by two wooden people who…

Jonas & Friends

Jonas & Friends play for more than 25 years with all kind of shows and strolling/walkabout acts on festivals and other public events. Amazing Wood & Wood is one of these acts.

Starbrite Studios

We are Yorkshire’s premier performing arts studio, providing fun and inspiring tuition and training in the performing arts industries.


Ulysses combines the music of Rabo de Foguete with performance, to offer an entertaining outdoor piece that draws on the story of…


“I dont know what he gave me, but it was wrong.
So then I just had to take a wild shot, and I said the word, Kameloso.”
– Uti Vår Hage. Danish Language
Kameloso is a circus collective from Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark working at integrating circus skills into a context where they become a purpose and necessity.


A Car Race in which everything is possible. A villainous driver sets all the traps to stop a crazy scientist who, thanks…

Adambara & Zhim

This whimsical show tells the Indian Panchtantra story of the Elephant and the Mouse. Through enchanting puppetry and storytelling we see how…

Diva Dames

She’s behind you! Not she’s not, oh yes she is! Meet Dame Dolly Doughnut and Dame Victoria Sponge and see what happens…

Giant Globe Shows

Our Giant 3m high Globe is an amazing performance space for Christmas and Halloween. Step in to the magical giant globe to…

Curious Creations

Welcome to Curious Creations, home of visually stunning and magical street theatre.

Mighty Mike

Step Right Up! Witness Mighty Mike throwing around bowling balls and sledgehammers as if light as a feather… while wearing a 1920s style bathing suit. You’ll be amazed as he drives nails through boards with his hand, bends horseshoes, and tears packs of cards, but try not to laugh at his dance routines

Brace Your Elves!

Santa’s little helpers are on the loose with their giant bobbin! They’ve been working hard all year and now these cheeky elves…


A new circus-sit-com set in a failing old fashioned boozer, our PUB landlord and landlady have a big decision to make. Go…

Lucky Shots

You are riding your bike and suddenly have to brake, flying ungraciously over the handlebars. You fall down the stairs carrying pots…


A breathtaking show combining aerial skills, visual theatre, a pulsating soundtrack and stunning projections, Depths of My Mind brings to life the…