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Anyday. The piece is devised for street festivals and outdoor performances. Anyday takes its name from the daily life of a lonely…


WHITE SUIT combines close harmony singing with larger than life physical performance to tell the story of a landmine survivor in a…

The Walrus and the Carpenter

Inspired by the original poem by Lewis Carroll, ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ have been transported through fantastical lands and have landed…

Leonardo and the Two Monas

“LEONARDO AND THE TWO MONAS” Leonardo and Two Mona Lisas go walkabout and give Leo a hard time as they refuse to…

Ratty, Mole and Mr Toad

Drawing inspiration from the imagery and poetic language of the classic book ‘The Wind in the Willows’, the trio of friends have…

Talking Pictures

TALKING PICTURES – LIVING VERSIONS OF FAMOUS PORTRAITS – Moaner Lisa, Henry Vlll and The Laughing Cavalier come to life – Their…

The Two Brians

“THE TWO BRIANS” London Art Critics on tour – and dedicated to the outrageous Brian Sewell. They have (con)descended to grace your…

Loved Up

A light hearted, fast paced fusion of bungee and hip hop centred around the pursuit of love. Created originally as a collaboration…


Two beautiful hobby horses, ridden by a selection of mildly stupid characters from King Arthur and Guinevere, to an Edwardian Viceroy and…


Our two performers have a repertoire of Boats with Legs. You have a choice of several from a Viking longship to an…

Hysterical History

Our two performers can offer a choice of irreverent historical sketches from their repertoire of well known events in British history. Great…

Sunshine Variety Show

A ‘retro’ picnic of entertainment for all the family with songs, theatrical nonsense, and the Great Deckchair Challenge to keep everybody happy….

Celtic Journey

A Cannon and Marbles show is an unforgettable evening. With a rich mixture of traditional songs and hilarious anecdotes from the man…

Jessica Rost & co.

Maker, producer and director of site specific and walkabout structures, street theatre and large spectacles.


CirkVOST is an aerial circus.

Helen Eastman Productions

Creator of Bicycle Boy, a bicycle powered eco-musical for children and their families.


New circus theatre company focused on producing high impact theatrical shows with a comedic edge.

Nearly There Yet

We create small to mid scale physical and visual outdoor work. Highly circus tinged.