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Death or Circus

We need advise, guidance and heroes. Kenneth Fall, and Tina Machina, are underqualified, but overly eager to share their absurd views on…


Witness a beautiful disaster in mid-air. Extreme circus skill, inventive humor and exhausting talent. Slap stick acrobatics, hazardous aerial and flying hula…

Tumble Circus

Based in Ireland specialising in high skill circus theatre (both indoors and outdoors), that entertains, amazes and is accessible to all.

Travelling Cycle Circus

Every pedal is a revolution. Inspired by Flann O’Brien’s satirical and absurd writing and biking adventures and building on our experience in…

Iso – Mythical deep sea creature

The latest inflatable creation from Tim Davies Design Iso a beautiful undersea beast based on the ancient deep sea isopods.

A Portrait Without Borders

For A Portrait Without Borders, Kaleider have built an online platform where the public can go and capture their selfie, see an…


ANOTHER PLANET by The Gramophones Theatre Company Approximately 40 minutes An audio adventure for an adult and child (7+) to experience together….

THE STRONGMAN – a Covid-safe, all-family, socially distanced, real-life silent movie show!

Recently revised by our family of performers to conform with the Covid regulations, THE STRONGMAN is a silent movie-style, street theatre show with acrobatic ci

The Invisible Man

Introducing The Invisible Man, brought to you by Altered States industries. Come face to face with the man who isn’t there! A…

The Astronauts

Wearing full space suits, a crew of mysterious astronauts arrive on a new planet, only to find that they are not alone. Six intrepid explorers try to underst…

Around the World in 80 Days

An adventurous outdoor circus show for all the family – followed by an interactive workshop for babies, toddlers, grandparents and everyone in…

Rock Cliché

Commissioned by Articulture – Long before there was magician & assistant, golfer & caddy or politician & embarrassment, there was rock star & the put-up roadie.

Hijinx Theatre

Hijinx creates exhilarating, subversive theatre from large to small scale for both indoor and outdoor performance. Artists with learning disabilities and/or a..


“More smart work from the creators of The Money and one which puts its trust in people and thinks the best not the worst of them.”
– Lyn Gardner

Tape That

Tape That is a charming, light-hearted acrobatic duet. Two performers construct a visual web using duct tape, object manipulation and partner acrobatics….

The Wagner

Contemporary dance show

Kamchàtka Street Theatre Company

Kamchàtka is an artist collective of diverse nationalities and disciplines who’s members first met in Barcelona in 2006. Driven by the same…

Stellar Moments of Humanity

site-specific adventure on the outlook for stellar moment of humanity that will make your town shine all golden