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Teater Fusentast

Touring small theatre troupe since 1989. Highly visual shows, indoor- and outdoor-, usually involving puppets, charm and social relevance.

Paperwork Theatre

Creating joyful, playful, adventurous live, theatrical experiences which connects with people through stories and engages audiences as active participants.

Los Excentricos

Gestural expression, musical virtuosity with extravagant instruments, authentic and unmistakable , welcome to Los Excentricos extravagant and absurd world

Claudio Mutazzi

clown – street comedy

Margaux Dub

puppetshow in a poetic atmospher


Trashbeatz is the most ecofriendly street act in the world by making music out of garbage.

Fausto Giori

Demenzio is an eccentric and demented character, his first objective is to love his audience giving her joyful presence. But every little movement is a disaster, and this is the secret of his success.


In a damp and rainy night, under the big tent of a traditional chapiteau mounted in Cantù (Como) Roberto is born. It was 1979 when his parents, acrobats of the circus, decided to teach him the art of using the body as tool of expression.

Alex Piras / Legni a galla

Strings puppets show

Maison Foo

Maison Foo exist to create mischievous new theatre that challenges audiences and tickles their imagination. We devise visual theatre that collides the everyday with the surreal drawing on influences from puppetry, clowning and physical theatre.

TENT circustheater producties

circus theater from the Netherlands

The Old Guy

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” — George Burns, Comedian Looking for something unique and theatrical…

Rob & Miss Jane

Rob & Miss Jane’s ALLEZ-OOPS! combines classic vaudeville routines with comic slapstick dexterity

The Christmas Dream Machine

There’s magic in the air. Join Ava as she travels in search of Christmas in a breath-holding journey. It’s Christmas Eve and…

Dr Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory

Dr. Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory is a stunning interactive environment with ingenious fire installations for audiences of all ages, including children. Wander through…


A beaten up old bike, a dusty hand wound 78rpm gramophone, and a folkloristic “theatrical” shoe-shiner who’s ready to polish anything you…

Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams is a visual comedy show that takes you beyond Sugarland into a realm of absurd hilarity. Luigi Ciotta takes the…

Tutti in Valigia (Everything in a Suitcase)

Suitcases inside suitcases inside suitcases… objects that continuously mutate and in doing so bring new scenes to life. Luigi Ciotta take us…