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Boom Arts

Boom Arts presents and produces contemporary theatre & performance in Portland, Oregon, USA with an emphasis on socially engaged, artistically innovative works from around the world.

La Rencontre (the encounter)

La rencontre (the encounter) is an original show that combines acrobatics, dance and physical theatre. The topic of this project is about…


A surreal and comic dance theatre performance for the street. Us is a re-telling of the classic ‘boy-meets-girl’. The boy, Luke, is…

Bordello Theatre

Bordello Theatre are specialists at creating work that responds to space, place and people producing a range of exciting and engaging theatre for a range of spaces and places.

Ithaca Live!

Ithaca live audio visual remix shows. Mixing music and video in real time. Can be performed with visuals on a screen or…

The Storm

Sixteen feet of extra fluffy, audio-reactive clouds with over 6,000 individually coded LED lights and a custom Ithaca soundscape in this walk…

The Choir

A walk through choir of trees with over 33,000 lights that spiral up and down as the trees sing in harmony, using…

Rare Species

Rare Species humour breaks traditional boundaries. Bringing delightful moments to people who wouldn’t dream of going to the theatre.

Tiger Power Shows

My name is Karukenya Conrad Edward Njeru H.S.C. (Head of State’s Commendation) a.k.a. Mr. Tiger Power – Africa’s Strongest Man, Global Superhuman Showdown Champion; my shows and performances of strength, power and brawn baffle many and leave all agape in wonder and in utter disbelief as they watch and behold my shows. My performances have been around for the last 50 years. This makes my stunt acts the oldest in Kenya and Africa Continent history of performing arts and the most awesome and loved by all.


FEMMES is roving street theatre – without text, conceived to interrupt public spaces, intent on getting passers-by to join in, taking the…

All at Sea

A storm in a tea up, the cloud that we all carry, a boat-sized piece of one man’s inner ocean… All at…

Kill Your Darlings

“Kill Your Darlings” is a 20 minute dance performance for two dancers. It is designed to be performed anywhere, indoors or outdoors,…

Joshua Monten

all-terrain choreography and performance

Hands Down

Powerful and emotive, this contact-based duet looks at the tensions of union and how we display strength and manage vulnerability in relationships….


BLOCK when circus and dance collide BLOCK is the encounter between two companies, NoFit State and Motionhouse and two genres, circus and…

The House

This specially commissioned spectacle marks the 400th anniversary of The Queen’s House and its forthcoming reopening this year. The production re-imagines Britain’s…

Deaf Rave

Deaf Rave was established in 2003.

The People Build

Members of the public will serve as the building crew for a monumental cardboard structure using only human power, imagination and at…