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IamSoBarcelona | Agente129 for Pepa Plana And Toti Toronell

French nationality, residenting in Barcelona for 11 years, working in the field of performing arts. Has a background in international distribution, organizing tours, the stage manager, production and P.R (public relations) for short film festivals, theater, music and dance and big events. She speaks French, English, Spanish and understands Portuguese

Pepa Plana AND Toti Toronell

‘Despistats’ are two parallel lives that never coincide, yet are so alike that their shadows merge with one another. He is often reflected in a nickel spoon, and she likes to paint her lips a deep red. They are just any old two people, anywhere in the world, who carry on with their routines. They only meet when they need something from each other. That’s when something changes in their lives: the loss of what they most loved. Toti Toronell & Pepa Plana, recently awarded Catalonia’s Prize for Culture [Premi Nacional de la Cultura de Cataluña], are two clowns with very different ways of working, yet they share a very similar understanding of the poetry of their art.


ART is not only to entertain.
Art is to provoke, to move, to make people reACT.
Art can act.

Blauwe Uur

Blauwe Uur is a collective that creates visual, theatrical installations and performances.

The Libyan National Theatre

Education: Diploma of drama at Jamal eddin Al Melady Institute
Higher Diploma in the field of film making from the International Institute for cinema: London Film School.


Song theatre indoor performance co-directed by Helen Chadwick and Steven Hoggett, creative associate Miriam Nabarro based on interviews with war correspondents. Toured…

Enginys Eko-Poetiks

“Enginys Eko.poètiks” is an interactive installation for all ages, where each contraption is unique and independent but at the same time all…

L Animalada

“L’Animalada” (debut in 2005) is a collection of original, free-standing large format games, each one an animal that does something, and all…

The Lift

Everyday a million moments sweep past with the blink of an eye; snatched conversations, passing images whispered encounters. Moments that pass too…


Prepare to immerse yourself in a psychedelic world in which aerialists descend from giant revolving “optical art” mobiles accompanied by electrifying live…

The Strange Travel of Senyor Tonet

The Strange Travel of Senyor Tonet (debut 2012): Using found and recycled wood, Tombs Creatius tells the vivid stories of Mr. Tonet’s…

Colors De Monstre

Colors de Monstre (Monster colours) is a collection of 25 games, built from wood and designed for all ages’ audience. The player…

The Legend of Hamba

The Legend of Hamba is a contemporary African mystery. In 1914 Hamba set off to war. He won and lost empires, became…


Spill is an outdoor production by Shaun Parker created specifically for playgrounds, aiming to take dance to the heart of our local…


Enter into the Imaginarium and unlock secret stories from Wonderland. This delightful immersive experience is a series of installations merging modern technology…

Made Up Stories From My Unmade Bed

We are very excited to announce that our second production, Made Up Stories from my Unmade Bed, will be performed as an…

Soul of Fado

Sensual contemporary dance, soul bearing Portuguese fado and a flaming gondola are the main ingredients in this fire and dance performance infused…

Safe House

Gravity-defying aerial performance mixed with stunning large scale projections uncover the secrets of a house like no other. Acrobatic performers scale the…