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No se

A square, a Street, a park, indoors… 1000 spectators, 15 spectators, adults, children.. A new audience, a seasoned audience, passers-by… silence, deafening…


Improvising..playing.. searching for laughter, complicity, emotion…
Leandre is one of our best international contemporany clowns.

Fabius the Jester

Medieval festivals in Italy & more: Castrocaro Terme -1997/1998/1999/2001 e Terra del Sole (FC) – 2001, Palio Ferrara – 1998, San Martino…

Fabius one-man show

Participations at street artists festivals in Italy: Ferrara – 1997/1998/2007, Forlì – 1996, Cervia(RA) – 1998, Ravenna – 1997/2001, Chioggia(VE) – 1999,…

Fabio Zaganelli

Fabius one-man show is a juggler, equilibrist, comedian, and fireshow. Very intense and funny performer for a unique act

After The World Ended

This is a show created with Street theatre in mind. It is a interactive walkabout/ story based arena show with a very…

OTTER Produces

OTTER Produces is the new production company, specialising but not limited to, the creation of unique, interactive, puzzle-style street theatre shows. Hosted by the black and white striped OTTER, the crowd pleasing Coin-Operated Artist has delighted the public young and old all over the UK this Summer 2013 and is set to continue in 2014.

For the Love Of It 2014

For the Love Of It 2014 2 days of inspiration, creation and fun, a chance for a wide range of Street Arts…


The National Association of Street Artists
is an independent UK network of creative practitioners
making work for the outdoors

World Walker

Huge stilt walking characters that create sound light and atmosphere as a story based arena show or an interactive walkabout.

Sink Dancing

Two bizarre characters from a surreal world heavy with life’s burdens arrive and carry out their strange ritual through dance theatre and…

The Princess

“The Princess has some of the most engaging story telling I have seen in an outdoor show.” Jon Linstrum – Relationship Manager…

Brass Windows

“Brass Windows brought Durham Market Place to life; animating the square and the balconies which overlooked it in an unexpectedly rich and…

Lucid Incident

Lucid Incident is a company that makes high quality outdoor performance with an integral participatory aspect.


Xicana is a clown woman who wants to do magic, but is always failing. She sells the magic when there is not…


Clown and Magic with unique personality


Between 250kg of straw and 125kg of human mass, two people play around through the movement, balance, humour and composition of space,…

Amer & Àfrica Circ. Cia

We are Amer and Africa and we play with balance, imbalance and rebalancing through the circus.