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Created by Light The Fuse produced by Scribbled Thought. Directed by Gemma Fairlie and Neil Bettles. This is the bus shelter where…

Light The Fuse & Scribbled Thought

Light The Fuse charge everyday spaces with explosive visual and physical elements to surprise and captivate audiences of all ages. Our shows are character driven, with a strong narrative and aim to make audiences reconsider our usual environments and see the fun in the mundane.


The“KataKraK” company, created by Sandra Sardà, builds interactive installations, which allow people of all ages to play the leading role. Sandra’s work has three guiding principles: Creativity, Recycling, and Play.

Tombs Creatius

For 13 years now Tombs Creatius company (created by Toni Tomas) thinks up, designs and builds artisan games our of wood, for people of all ages.


VOALA Company is a scenic experimentation group, in which the main characteristics are aerial choreographic sequences mixed with live music on stage.


GANSO&Cía is a small theatre company based in Durango (Basque Country).


A professional theatre company from Bilbao since 1989 which has embraced a form of handcrafted theatre.


We get immerse in a, quite peculiar, girl\\\\\\\’s world. Throw her reading, she bring as in the different chapters of a story…

Shakti Olaizola

Shakti Olaizola created in 2012 her own company with works that mixes contortion, acrobatics, dance an theatre.

Umore Azoka Leioa-Festival of Street Arts

Umore Azoka is an unmissable meeting point for street arts. An opportunity to learn about the latest creations in a city transformed for four days on a big stage.


(remor) is an intimate ‘locked room’ mystery lasting 11 minutes, for just 15 people at a time. Share a prison cell with…

Res de res & Artigues

The show producer RES DE RES & EN BLANC, SL
comprises two companies listed in your name.


With K@osmos, the Argentine-Spanish company Grupo Puja! gives a dynamic and spectacular show at a great height. 8 performers hang from a…

Do Do Land

With Do Do Land, the Argentine-Spanish company Grupo Puja! gives a spectacular show at great height. Do Do Land is based on…

Grupo Puja!

Puja! creates a grand entrance into urban landscapes through the use of distinct disciplines all integrated into one show, comprising: Theatre, Circus, Dance, Vertiginous Sports, Architecture, Engineering, Multimedia and Live Music. Since 1998, has presented its shows in festivals, fairs and tours around the world.


“Breekbaar” is a search for the perception of the moment. It is fragile. This performance will respond to the location, visitors, weather…


Because it is not easy to keep things that begin with enthusiasm and naivety in harmony with yourself. It is quite a…


Theater Tuig is a professional theatre company, founded in 1998. This group of young theatre makers originates from the various art disciplines, with visual artist Marc van Vliet as the artistic linchpin.