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The Sonic Manipulator

I call myself The Sonic Manipulator and I dress up in a space suit and helmet (with lots of cool lights) and make very interesting music from a selection of musical instruments I have invented

Chol Theatre

Chol Theatre is a contemporary theatre company based at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.

Chol creates dynamic participatory theatre and performance projects. Our work covers history, memory, politics, community and meanings of home.


A circus and physical clown show.A large cube opens. An eccentric and a Dj on scene, laughs and gags will not stop. We will travel from a rock concert to a boxing match or a love disappointment… Humor, balloons, hands stand, hula hops, explosions, music, sound and much more. Sensitive, emotional, original, and very funny!
A circus and modern clown show. Street or inside.

Perfect Pitch Productions

Lee Hayes is an outdoor performer extraordinaire, with 25 years international experience in interactive comedy, and event organization

Grace in Flame

A performance group offering the very best in choreographed and walk-around belly dance and fire performance (poi, staff, hula hoop, fans, weapons skills.)


a company that makes humour performance / theatre in a caravan for street festivals.

Marc Brew Company

Founded in 2008, Marc Brew Company fuses a fierce physicality with tender expression to explore an emotional narrative in dance. Grounded in both contemporary technique and classical ballet, the work draws on the unique physicality of each performer.

Collectif Pret à Porter

A French acrobatic company created in 2004, producing short or long acrobatic and theatrical plays, indoor or outdoor

LoJo – SASA Music

Based in a farm house in Angers, France, Lo’Jo combine theatre, circus, lighting and music from around the world.


Balloonatic are a unique walkabout act of 10 lovely performers, fabulously dressed, hilariously interactive, and creating balloon art at a level you never dreamed possible!

Adam Riley

A creator and designer of outdoor events and entertainment from large scale installations to smaller street props.


Based in France, I’m in charge of international artists which are classified as world Music. Some of them present gigs on stage and also street presentations.


Epicentro produces visual comedy and sketch pieces

Mundo Jazz

The World’s only comedy/world music band


ArtYarn work with knitting, crochet, weaving and embroidery to create projects and workshops for galleries, museums and creative organisations.

Circo Ripopolo

?This mini-circus was brilliant in its simplicity? De Twentsche Courant

Jo Bithume

The Company Jo Bithume, bringing together several generations of artists from different horizons, give priority to meetings, exchanges and sharing.

Fittings Multimedia Arts

A young woman seeks to live away from the earth. With a watchmaker/mechanic she creates a structure that fuses her body and spirit with a machine…