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mtm presentations

mtm Presentations is a professional entertainment agency.


One of the UK’s top Klezmer and East European Roots act. Passionate music for diverse audiences.


A fusion of primitive rhythms and painted performance! Take a pinch of percussion, a drop of devilish dance, add in Victorian gothic theatricality and you?ve got the potent mix that is Battuballet!

Bassa Bassa

Bassa Bassa is a Leeds based, 15 piece band, playing music loosely described as Jazz drawn from latin/african/european sources.

Coronet International Theatre & Dance

We are a new theatre in Greece, Athens, aiming at featuring international theatre and dance performances.


Phizzical is dedicated to tackling important and risqué issues in vibrant, entertaining and provocative theatrical experiences.

Amphitheatre of the Arts ltd.

Kathak, african dance and acrobatics.

Aqueous Humour Theatre Company

Aqueous Humour is a physical street theatre company founded in 2001. The company is available all year round for bookings, for both indoor and outdoor events, and also offers workshop packages.

Mortal Orchestra

Using Spanish “Gegant” making techniques, we have produced a piece of ambient theatre featuring four giant musicians and two operatic Divas each over four metres tall & led by a “mortal” musician.

Poles Apart Stilt Co Ltd

Poles apart specialises in live music on stilts,with fabulous themed costumes to boot.
Using the line up of sousaphone, saxophone, drums, and percussion (with 3 part vocal harmony) they recreate popular classics in the genres of disco, rock, heavy metal, soul, motown and many more.
They also have a comedy ground-based band (what a radical idea!) that is called The Iron Boot Scrapers (see

Electric Cabaret

Electric Cabaret have a range of acts, costumes and characters. We also create bespoke characters for differant themes.


‘Shout Band’ combining the UK’s top jazz, funk, Latin and Ska trombonists.

Architects of Air

A luminarium is an monumental inflatable walk-in sculpture people enter to be moved to a sense of wonder at the beauty of light and colour.

Since 1992 the luminaria have shown their broad cross-cultural appeal by visiting 40 countries across 5 continents.

Turul Aymen

Presenting “Dinamo”: a unique, improvisational installation in which a cycling audience controls the performance.

Durgesh Srivastava

Durgesh Srivastava is a Fine Artist working in Manchester.

Angela Sidwell

A sculptor working with natural materials, modelled around a steel frame.

Irene Nolan

Painted / stitched landscapes & gardens

Luci Gorell Barnes

The ‘Keeper of Books’ invites visitors into the ‘Bookshed’ to browse through a handmade collection of artist’s books. An intimate and eccentric experience.